Smooth Transitions Are Possible

Career centres, like any other business, are not immune to employee absence. Sometimes you get plenty of notice and sometimes you don't.

Pressure is on to find someone to facilitate workshops, coach clients or support the resource room.

Streamlining your search for a temporary replacement just got easier.

Don't Take My Word For It

With over 20 years under her belt Jennifer Chandler, CCDP doesn't shy away from a challenge when it comes to supporting clients and organizations.

She has been a trusted "go to " facilitator and coach - professionally complimenting the team of organizations in both BC and Alberta. Currently she serves the Vancouver to Fraser Valley areas.

In private practice she has supported individuals across North America to obtain their career and life goals.

Uniquely cross-trained in both Career Development and Victim Assistance she is often called upon to work with multi-barriered clients and survivors of violence.

Jennifer's flexibility has been described as "instrumental", allowing organizations to fill the terms of their contracts while respectfully working with colleagues and clients.

Trust me. Your Success Is My Priority

I have always said it is my honor to serve and I mean that most sincerely.

When I first started out, along side my mentor at Victim Services, it became clear to me that the key to successful service was that everyone I came in contact with felt heard. When I stepped into the Career Development profession I was equally committed to providing genuine support, creating lasting partnerships with organizations and made it my mission to stay professionally up-to-date.

As I walk into your business, meet your staff, coach your clients or facilitate workshops, I recognize the importance of OUR role. Your success and the success of everyone I see is my priority.

Jennifer Chandler


Jennifer is very helpful and genuine in her interest to encourage us to be successful.


I learned the importance of cover letter format, taking the cover letter one step further and making it personal! Awesome – very thorough.


As a result of this workshop I learned how to structure, write and dissect a cover letter. How to tailor and transfer skills in writing, from one job to another. Everything was useful. No wasted speech or time.


All was great. Exceeded my expectations!

In The Press

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