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jennifer chandler career consulting

Jennifer Chandler has been a practicing Certified Career Development Practitioner and is a member of the BC Career Development Association. She is based near Vancouver, Canada.

For over 20 years Jennifer has empowered, enabled and equipped clients from all over the world to reveal their true potential and get them to a place where they are optimistic about their future and passionate about what they do.

She utilizes a combination of supportive tools and techniques to enhance a clients knowledge of the career building process. Jennifer is recognized as highly skilled in her field and as a contributing career coach for national publications, sharing her extensive knowledge of issues facing career women.

Whether a client is a recent graduate, a mother returning to the workforce, a new immigrant, a professional in a mid-life transition, or a person who is just plain “stuck” Jennifer Chandler’s expertise will empower clients to find purpose and value in their career.

Jennifer is uniquely cross-trained in Victim Assistance and possesses a diploma in Career Development. She has a deep compassion for multi-barriered clients and survivors of violence which has enabled her to successfully partner with both police and community-based organizations.

Within her roles she has provided one-to-one emotional support, worked hard as a system liaison, facilitated workshops and offered appropriate referrals. She remains a proud supporter of multiple Ending Violence initiatives and charities.

Jennifer also enjoys writing and invites you to read her blog—Esteem Rising filled with personal life reflections, more tips, tricks and anecdotes.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

– Jay Danzie


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