Heart – The Big Interview

Heart – The Big Interview

As a fan of the band Heart I was surprised to learn that Dan Rather interviewed Ann and Nancy Wilson. I don’t associate his journalistic ventures with the music world but apparently The Big Interview has covered a lot of great musicians.

Mr. Rather takes us down a historical career path before opening up to present day events where we learn so much more about these powerful women. Along with various band members the Wilson sisters continue to produce incredible songs that stand the test of time.

As a career counsellor I discovered through this interview a connection between their professional/personal experience and the advice I often give clients:

Know who you are, try to live up to your potential, be professional and stay true to your values.

Ann and Nancy strive to maintain authenticity but their account of what it felt like to “sell out” based on outside pressure and poor decision making is a good lesson. Many of us know what it is like to be asked to do something that doesn’t feel right but through a threat of job loss or sense of obligation we bow down.

Their parents were the foundation from which they developed strong values and a true love of music. Their sisterly bond has helped them avoid the loneliness that can arise when entertainers go from so much love on stage to the quiet time that follows. There is no doubt that the reason they feel so comfortable to tour heavily year after year is in large part due to growing up in a military family that moved quite a lot. The people in our life and the places we may go can shape our careers immensely.

I appreciated Ann’s willingness to respond to a question about her weight fluctuations even though it doesn’t define her. With Ann’s cool and honest communication style she shared her reality and her road to acceptance.  It was also good to gain a glimpse into Nancy and Ann’s flirtations with drugs and alcohol. They made clear the negative impact substance abuse can have on life and work.   Setting personal issues and gender aside, these rock icons bring their wicked instrumental, vocal and performance skills to venues across North America and beyond with a goal to be the best…. and they are!

On another note: Something near and dear to my heart, this band is involved in the WE ARE NOT AFRAID CAMPAIGN which brings awareness to issues of violence. Please check out this link for more information We Are Not Afraid

A sneak peak at video.

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