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Fun Spring Floral Fashion

Outfit Posts – Great Everyday Fashion!

I love it when I stumble across creative blogs and this blog¬† Outfit Posts is one of those great finds. One day I was looking for travel fashion ideas and in particular how to mix, match and pack all the outfits. What caught my attention was Outfit Posts’ – One Suitcase Series which featured clothes…

Wide Leg Pants Are Back

Wide leg pants are back! This doesn’t mean we have to shelve the skinny leg pants but it does provide more options. Of course, I never did really give up my wide leg linen pants – I could live in those. If you are tall the wide leg pant really accentuates your legs but even…

Falling for Jackets

Loving the looks for fall with these great jackets, blazers, coats and sweaters. Something to keep you warm!  

Dress appropriately when job hunting

What you wear matters when applying for a job but all this person was hoping for was a large desk to mask what she was wearing. Yes, you heard me right, a large desk between her and the receptionist. Here’s a story about a woman who wanted a last-minute review of her resume and cover…

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