Lights Down on Hollywood

Warning: This post contains anger and even a swear word. Viewer discretion is advised.


Ok, we are all buzzing about Polanski the Pedophile – the child rapist that skipped the country to avoid serving time.

Thankfully the blog world, as always, has lit up the issue in ways the regular media won’t. I’m sure, if it wasn’t for the growing uproar from the “common folk” this issue would have died at the hands of mainstream media and Hollywood moguls. Some directors and actors alike would have hoped for a swift conclusion to the eyes on their precious genius and the potential revealing of their own soiled casting couches.

I mean, I’m sure there are a lot of stories like this one out there, hidden in the film rooms of other directors and the like.  Also, I just can’t accept that this was a one time deal for Mr. Polanski, most guys that like sex with children don’t find one and stop. His rap sheet would have read like any other pedophile had he not been who he is and had the protection of money, fame, Hollywood’s long reach and a cast of well paid characters.

Oh, sure I could be way off. “Maybe it was a one time thing”, doesn’t matter he is guilty! He raped a 13 year old girl, the court transcripts now available to public certainly tell the story well.

What bothers me is the silence of those in Hollywood that are so worried about their careers that they don’t speak out on this issue. They have no trouble standing up for their environmental causes, throwing their good name behind their political candidate. They get up on the stage for AIDS, farms, famine and wars but where is their face and name on an announcement or petition for justice in this case. I guess this is not a big enough deal to support victims of child sexual abuse in their country or anywhere for that matter.

You don’t need to read the transcripts of this case by the way. Know this….a grown man in 1977 saw a 13 year old girl as a sexual object to be used,  he drugged and raped her. If common sense doesn’t tell you that is wrong, then you have really lost it! I mean come on people there is no excuse that can even touch this. As a society do we really want this? To be so out of reality that this type of behaviour becomes normal? What the f*** are we thinking? Children are not to be used for sex in any way! Apparently, it has been said that “In Europe they see this issue differently; we know in Asian countries there is rampant use of children to sell sex even on the covers of magazines bought and sold on the streets.

I’m tired of this! I’m tired of our hyper-sexualized world, that has adults imposing their sexuality onto children in various forms. I’m tired of the lack of common sense, apathy and the need for self preservation over compassion. I’m tired of some of the hypocrites in film industry ramming stuff down my throat as if, through their lens, they can capture the essence of the human experience when they can’t even get this right.  I’m tired of stupid actors/actresses and overpaid ego centric directors and producers who are clueless self serving imbeciles speaking without checking their facts first. I’m tired of people who say “women” should be outraged about this…this isn’t a “women’s issue” we all should be outraged about rape! And most of all I’m tired of hearing from the mouths of anyone that there was any reason to drop this case.

This victim is like any other victim. Yes, she may want to protect her family from the on slot of media coverage but she can’t. Polanski has eluded the authorities long enough and like any other convicted criminal in our society he should pay the price. My blood is boiling on this issue and I get sick of people wanting to stay in la la land rather than face it…rape is rape…you do the crime we demand you do the time!

Oh, and by the way take a look at the list of actors and directors who have supported Polanski on a petition – BOYCOTT THEIR MOVIES!! Maybe we should have a DVD burning or a Theatre boycott. Hell – they have burned a lot of crap over the years – I’m all for a boycott of anyone who supports child sexual abuse.

Put the lights down on those in Hollywood who are silent – shame on you! For those that signed that petition…well the spotlight is on your ignorance.

(A small list of recognizable idiots: Harvey Weinstein, Martin Scorcese, Tilda Swinton, David Lynch, Woody Allen and many more, I encourage you to check out the lists further available online)

2 Responses to Lights Down on Hollywood

  1. I have a loose connection to Roman Polanski, partially from being present in California and working with California Pollice Officers Training Branch at the time of the Tate/La Bianca Murders.
    Roman’s eight month pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered and butchered, while her husband, Rom, was in London.

    Doris Tate, (Sharon’s Mother), never forgot what had happened to her daughter and her violent death. She turned that tragic and awful event to working for the voice of crime victims, so that they would not be ignored.
    I worked alongside Doris Tate, on California’s Task Force on Crime Victims in the early 1980’s, pushing through the Rape Shield Law, and Doris’s special focus the right for crime victims to attend and speak at perpetrators parole hearings. (BOTH NOW ENACTED INTO LAW.)

    The Tate family is still very active in Victims rights in the State of California and has helped to make California one of the leaders in Victim’s legislation and rights.

  2. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing the information. I’m sure this must be hard for the Tate family to have Polanski’s name in the spotlight again which naturally brings with it their daughter’s death. Also, they fought for rape laws and victims rights and yet here is this man they know who is a rapist and clearly cares nothing about victims and justice.

    It is a real eye opener in so many ways, this story. Reflecting back what society does not always want to admit. We are still unable to fully see rape and especially rape of our children as something that has no excuse attached to it. Farther ahead in a lot of ways but still some way to go. I guess there will always be people who can start the sentence with “But, she….”

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