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The Elephant Who Found a Mom

My Wild Affair: The Elephant Who Found a Mom is airing on PBS tonight and I’m looking forward to the beginning of a series that tells the stories of the bonds between humans and animals.This particular show features Dame Daphne Sheldrick whom I am familiar with as I donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

I believe shows such as these serve as a reminder that we are interdependent on each other and also that what we think we know about animals is not all there is to know. Wildlife has the capacity to surprise us but even more so when the relationships developed between species defies logic and appears connected through the heart.

Compassion granted to all living things.

(Support public television – in my area that is KCTS 9)


Do you go to the circus?

A video has surfaced, making its way like wild fire through the news and blog world.  Ringling Brothers Circus is again in the spotlight and not in a good way. The video shows mainly the elephants being abused, but also has brief shot of tigers too.

PETA had an employee undercover and he or she managed to capture the hooking, whipping, and multiple beatings of the elephants. These images were taken this year. No matter how you feel about PETA or animal rights activists this should not dissuade you from viewing this pre-show abuse. Facts are facts and it makes no difference to me what group or whom captured these images, it is clear these poor animals are in distress. It is disturbing to watch as they repeatedly hit the animals and clearly the elephants appear beaten into submission and for one maybe insanity.

If you are one of many people who have taken your children to the circus maybe you might think differently. If you are a business offering tickets to this event, it is time you find something else to offer your VIP’s. No matter how you cut it, this is abuse! Even the language the trainer is using, shows how little regard they hold for these beautiful animals. Yet, many families line up to take in the shows, mistaking the animals performance as fun for all.

It appears the animals are not having fun at all and nor should they. The circus is no place for these creatures and shame on anyone who still goes to the circus!

Ringling Bros Elephant Abuse

Additional note: Read what Dame Daphne Sheldrick had to say about the circus and its return to the United Kingdom.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Fundraiser for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


June 27, 2009 is a big day for the US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and they are inviting you!

A fundraising party is being held in Seattle, Washington to, as the save the date card says, “celebrate elephants and their contribution to our world.”

A formal invitation will be following but for all those that may want to be part of this celebration and contribute to such a wonderful organization please contact:

Wendie Wendt – Vice President and Fundraiser

Email: wendiewendt@sheldrickwildlifetrust.org


The Spirit of Giving

As some of you may know I like to volunteer my time and give to various charities. Since I was first out on my own, earning my own dollars, I have done both of these things. I believe in the power of volunteerism to enhance the skills of an individual, develop a connection to others and to build a better community. I have met incredible people through volunteering and essentially began my career as a volunteer. I had a wonderful mentor, a woman named “Pat” who gave generously of her time, expertise and wisdom to my development.

I also have supported many different charities over the years, especially those benefiting women, children and our precious animals.

Adoption has become very rewarding for me but not in the way you would think, over two years ago I adopted a baby elephant named “Lempaute”. I had watched 60 Minutes in which they featured an incredible woman whose name is Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick. In Kenya, she and her team head up The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a charity started in memory of her late husband David Sheldrick MBE. I have loved the opportunity to participate in the saving and care of these magnificent animals and greatly appreciate the people who work tirelessly along side them. I really look forward to the pictures and updates I receive. www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

The SPCA has received in the past, my time for dog walking which subsequently precipitated me becoming a dog parent for 15 years. The society has also received multiple financial and food donations over the years. It is a job I could never do, as I know my emotions would get in the way, but giving helps.

Supporting women’s organizations is important to me too. Giving to the programs and shelters for abused women, preparing gifts for women in need, providing career coaching services, investing in the Girls Growth Fund and much more. I am always looking for more charities related to women, children and animals to focus my attention on, for information as well as to help.

Worldwide there are programs that need our time, energy and money and I believe it is in service to others that we gain the most. I encourage all women out there to see if in 2009 they can spare a dime or the time for one charity.

Maybe consider a career in the not for profit sector, there are plenty of organizations out there that may need your expertise. A good website in Canada for charities and employment is www.charityvillage.com. Become informed if nothing else, because when you are informed it allows you to pass on a message to others who may be in a better position to help.

Women who have influenced us through their service, started only with a thought to do something about an issue that was important to them. What grew from that affected their immediate family, then affected their community and with great vision went on to affect our world. Whatever you decide as your contribution it will be appreciated, great or small.

Future posts will help us all to become better informed of worldwide issues, feature women of influence and hopefully spark your interest in the spirit of giving.