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Spring on the West Coast

While our neighbours back East still grapple with cold, snow and all sorts of uncomfortable weather conditions we are still enjoying mild temperatures. Every so often I like to remind myself and others how fortunate we are with the hopes I won’t jinx anything.


My garden is full of signs of life including a flock of  birds called Pine Siskins who must be migrating back this way. They are gathering in large numbers and I can tell you they are hungry! Pine Siskins appear to be territorial when eating with all sorts of noise and fluttering going on in an attempt to fend off others from getting any precious seed. There’s a lot of posturing going on and a heck of a mess to clean up!

Besides the birds and squirrels scattered about the yard the best example of the season is the emerging flowers. I love watching what comes up and trying to remember if I planted it or whether it came with the garden. Either way it brings renewed hope that the long, dark days staring at stubby, dormant plants are coming to a close and colour will start to inhabit the garden once more.

So, get out and celebrate! Walk the trails, comb the beaches and share with your kids the diversity of nature that exists within our neighbourhoods.