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Women who influenced my life

I had an email from Heather who wrote the following based on an earlier post:

“I’d love to hear more specifically how different women influenced your life and what you learned from the encounters…perhaps no names, or even as a “fictional” story. I always love hearing how events/people can intertwine and can take a whole new direction. Great story.”

Thank you for asking.

I had a unique circumstance growing up, three generations of women together. My older sister who was many years my senior gave me the ’60’s/’70 “feminist” perspective. I learned early on the names of women present and past who paved the way for some of what I would enjoy in life. Also, an appreciation for animals/nature and took on the role of explaining the physical side of being a woman….a topic my mother was too embarrassed to discuss. ( with the exception of what her mother provided her which was “all men are tarred with the same feather”…not too encouraging)


My mother, British through and through influenced the feminine side. How to dress, how to sit, how to speak, how to conduct yourself in public, how to order good food/wine and how to always feel comfortable no matter where I may be in this world.

My professional mentor was a woman named Pat, I believe I have mentioned her before as we worked with the RCMP’s Victim Services Unit. Never was I more able to tap into my true self as she trained and utilize my skills to their utmost ability. I realized my innate gifts including “to walk in other peoples moccasins” and used my intuition. Through that woman I learned a work ethic and the power I had when I walked in a room. I never forget her mentioning that to me…”when you walk in a room people notice, use that.” I gave back to my community with my heart and soul in every hour of work and it was due to her generous, purely crazy and fun spirit. To this day she is inspiring to speak to especially when we revisit or debate crime, victimization and justice. She is a “s___ disturber”, professional and refuses to grow old… hence the little jig I caught her doing one day while visiting our home. Cool woman!

I have a great group of women friends who remind me constantly how lucky I am. They make me think twice when I should, keep me grounded when I’m flying off the handle, inspire me to be more creative and stroke my ego way too much! Our paths usually crossed via someone else or through work, each of them shaped my past and continue to plot along with me into the future. I’d share all the stories but it would become a book, where the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

There have been many women (and male) clients who I look back on fondly. These women reminded me how courageous we all are in the face of danger. I have had clients who literally had weapons pointed at their heads on numerous occasions, their lives mapped out for them by a violent and jealous partner. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I would watch as they valiantly worked with me on a plan to change their life and then executed it.

Women who have come from other countries amidst things you and I could not imagine. Diligently learning the language in the hopes Canada was going to be a good place for them and their children. I recall sitting on the floor with my Conversational English class. In a discussion, one young Vietnamese women brought up about death and what do we each think will happen when we die? Profound thoughts flowed from each student and I was humbled and honored to participate.

Women who had worked in the sex trade and were finally free from abuse, bondage and addiction; sharing their stories and hopes for their future. A little rough around the edges from their experiences but none the less excited to know they were more than the parts that had been exploited for so long.

Those examples of clients took me further into the area of working with women, somehow I always felt a woman’s life is so deep and rich. So much happens to and through women that my life/career path was made in their image. Most of the incredible and profound moments in my life came as I sat with these women.

Many people who have influenced the way I think, what I value, my belief system, my humor, my work, my friendships and partnerships. So many women who I will never be able to properly thank, but I know my heart is full and my soul will live on with their gifts.

Women and Hollywood

I have recently discovered a blog that introduces us all to women in film, TV and Theatre. Not only will you find news on women centric entertainment but also interesting facts and stats behind the women who make their profession in the film and television industry.

My interest in this is three-fold:

1st. As a career consultant, I often wonder why I don’t see more women listed in the various professions associated with a production? Is this still a male dominated industry? Are women not interested in applying for positions as Directors, Producers, Writers or any other behind the scenes jobs? If they are interested, where are they?

2nd. I would love to see and support more women centric entertainment that appeals to women and men alike. By supporting these ventures, it may open more doors for those struggling to get into the business.

3rd. Personally, I have been disillusioned with much of what I see coming from Hollywood, especially as it pertains to women. To the untrained eye, I believe I’m seeing less and less of women on the screen. In following the credits, I see very little women behind the scenes and I question how any man can write about women when they always claim not to understand us? That I say with a little smile on my face, but I am tired of seeing so much of life, love and the world through from the male perspective.

I will mention that there are great female actors and I am especially glad when I get to see women that are over 40 years of age. I was going to say over 35 years, as it seems most women are mere 20 somethings playing opposite the much older male actors. What is not so great is how few the parts are, and how wimpy the characters can be sometimes, unless your character is designed to be sporting male traits. Humm??

It appears to me that I have to do more digging to find out about what is being produced by women in so many categories of entertainment. I truly believe that many people have their head in the sand if they don’t think their is a disproportionate amount of male centric entertainment being splashed across our TV screens and theaters. I am certain there are great female directors out there and others with incredible talents that are being overlooked. I don’t know the industry enough to have inside knowledge on its decision making and criteria for getting the job on the set of any movie or TV show. If I studied that labour market further I could glean some insight, but somehow I think the answers will not necessarily be surprising.

This is what I do know, there are great blogs and information circulating out there that can help you tap into what is going on with Women in Hollywood and www.womenandhollywood.com is a great place to start! It is insightful, well written, and entertaining in itself, click on the link I have provided to Melissa Silverstein and enjoy.

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