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While I’m blogging I am keeping one eye on the TV, Divine Design is on. Two episodes in a row and even if they are repeats I still watch it. My confession, she is my favourite interior designer! Candice has such a great sense of humour and a wonderful team of professionals that work along side her. It is a feel good show with no fake drama, as is often the case in other HGTV and W Network design shows.

I have followed her show since the beginning and have yet to see one room that I could not live with. Speaking of living…I think I will have to move to Toronto just so I increase my chances of having Candice work her magic on my home. It is unfortunate reality that this may never be the case but still there is always the weekly ability to share in the joy of a beautiful home renovation through other lucky participants.

For me it is how well she combines so many elements to a room that one may not think of pairing. Crystal with wood, multiple fabrics that add texture, paint and wallpaper complimenting the space and accessories that look like they were made specially for that home. The decor mirrors what the home truly needs. I love that she respects many of the traditional or period features but still blends modern needs and touches. Lighting is one of the strongest elements in her rooms and that is what we learn is an important feature to invest in.

This is one stylish woman, she has impeccable taste in clothing too. I don’t know where she shops but the fact that she is considerably taller would not deter me from spending the day rifling through her wardrobe.  Even when she was pregnant she dressed with style and class. I admire her energy and find myself smiling at the TV, smiles like laughter can be infectious.

To see the joy her rooms bring to the homeowners is well worth the 1/2 hour spent watching the tube. It is really like winning the lottery and it appears that those who are lucky to be on the show really understand the magnitude of their good fortune.

If there is ever a time when she decides to take her show on the road and come out to the west coast, I’m making my self known! I will be on a campaign trail like no other. In my area there are always million dollar lottery homes being built for hospital charities. Besides the wonderful benefits of raising money, they are beautiful in many ways and have attracted designers such as Sarah Richardson to add their expertise. Still, I have never walked in and said “It is magnificent and I wouldn’t change a thing.” With Candice Olson I know I would say just that and more.

My career counselling self always marvels at how some individuals are the true representation of passion for their craft. She can’t pull off what she does without truly loving her job and the people that surround her. It makes me happy to see success come to those that deserve it, not only because they worked hard but also because they positively impact other people. Candice Olson does that for the homeowners and the viewers, a great show that I hope lives on many more years into the future.

Don’t be surprised if I revisit this, there has got to be a way to get her out of Toronto!


Here is a great video that speaks to not only her talent but exactly the type of person she is, a warm, caring, exceptional person.

Divine Design Bedroom09

Candice Olson Collection

4 Responses to Candice Olson Divine Designer

  1. Oh my God! I’ve never watched this show before but after reading your blog and watching the video (which brought tears to my eyes) I was blown away by the excellence of Candice’s design for that master bedroom suite! It’s GORGEOUS!! Too bad I just cut off my cable to save money but I’ll keep the show in mind for future viewing and look for more clips online. Brilliant design indeed! Thanks for sharing this Jennifer!

  2. I’m so glad you liked Candice’s show! There really is so much value packed into the show, the reveals are always stunning. Her book Candice Olson on design has ideas, pictures and starts with a Life is Funny chapter where you get a brief intro to her philosophy of life etc.

    Thanks for your comment and enjoy more video’s of her rooms, warning though it may inspire you to switch furniture, paint or more.

  3. I’ve also been a Candice fan since she first began. I, too, love her ‘real’ personality which I find I resonate with, and every design she has ever done. Basically, just writing in to say ‘ditto’! 🙂

  4. Well it is good to hear from you! I’m so glad, now when I have a really good show to post about I won’t hesitate. Too bad our love of her work couldn’t will her to make a trip to the other side of the country. A breath of fresh air, she is. Thanks for sharing, I’m in good company with old fans and new.

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