Employers – What type of resume do you prefer?

“What type of resume style do employers prefer?” As a career consultant I frequently scour the Internet to see what is the latest resume style advice for job seekers. What I have come to realize is that many writers say things like, “Employers prefer…” or “Employers don’t like…” but almost all of the articles or blogs do not have a single quote from an actual employer.

After reading these articles I have questions of my own:

  1. Who are these employers?
  2. How many employers did they contact and how?
  3. What industries are they targeting?
  4. Where are these employers located?


One thing that can be agreed upon in our field is that a Functional resume is difficult sell to employers. It lacks dates and often employers feel like the applicant has something to hide. Chronological and Combination resumes still have their place but with today’s highly competitive application process one needs to strategically compose these types of resumes.

I doubt that most of what you read on the Internet about resumes has been properly evaluated by people who are directly in the position of hiring. Recruiters are known to provide opinion but again we rarely see anything attributed to an actual recruiter and even if we could we can only assume they have the expertise and contacts necessary to give an accurate account. I have always thought that the resume format recruiters prefer, given the expediency of screening, might be very different from other businesses.

This year I want to make it my mission to gather more feedback directly from employers about their resume preferences so that my clients have more to go on. I’m not saying it will be a large sampling but at least if I’m going to talk about it I want full disclosure when I do.


I encourage any employers reading this blog to reach out to me by blog comment, email or phone to provide their opinion about resume styles.

Whenever I meet or speak with an employer I’m going to take a moment to ask, “What type of resume do you prefer and why?

If you know someone who may be able to shed some light on preferred resumes for an industry or company feel free to be in touch.

When I feel I have compiled enough data I will let you know about my findings and in particular disclose, Who? What? and Where? Then you can decide if what you are reading is effective resume advice or just regurgitated old resume news.



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