Maximize your job search

I’ve talked before about how many people dread looking for work. We all know that the minute we are unemployed we cling to the hope that something will drop in our lap through a friend, former co-worker, family or ANYBODY! Why? Because trying to find a job is not fun and takes time.

How are you going use that time effectively and maximize your job search?

1. Out of the gate, don’t sleep in late. That is a recipe for laziness and a sure-fire way for you to contract the procrastination bug.

2. Set up a work station that has all the essentials at arms reach. Get your computer primed and ready for action. Buy file folders or even a binder to keep track of who you are contacting. Oh, and a good old fashion phone book can help too.

3. Resume must be up-to-date and if you lack cover letter writing skills then find out how to make that letter work for you. Adapting your resume and letter for each position doesn’t need to be painful if you start with good base knowledge.

4. Pick up that phone but also pound the pavement. Time is of the essence! The longer you spend with a fear of making calls or visiting employers in person is time wasted. There are tools and techniques worth exploring is you want to learn how to approach employers better.

5. Is your wardrobe ready? Know what to wear from job search through to job interview. You don’t want to be scrambling to find something to wear every time you step out the door or when that call comes to set up a meeting.

If any of these things are challenging then the first step you need to take is to find out who or what can help. There are plenty of resources available so email me, contact your local employment centre, or other community resources. Time is ticking and we need your skills back out there!


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