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One of the things I have questioned since starting to blog, is the exposure of my personal self and my professional self all on the same site. In a culture so obsessed with image, sometimes all for the wrong reasons, I would like to find a middle ground. You see, instead of worrying about “me” being open for public consumption, I want  to embrace it.

There is always a balance that must be struck, as I am particularly aware that professionalism is important and find it very frustrating when I see the lack of it in work places that I frequent. My professional image is significant, even the clothes I wear and the language that I use is extremely important. I feel a tremendous responsibility for the counsel I provide and the confidence that has been placed in me. Rarely would you catch me deviating from what I have determined is my “professional self image” and never from the ethics I live by. The work I do means a lot and the people I serve expect the best I can give. On my web page it is all business and service, and that is the way it will remain. I am part of a team of professionals and that is a partnership that needs to be honored. (Check out Soon you will see a fresh website with more members of our team and I’m excited by the new look and services provided.)

My personal self has it’s own style and up till this point has remained private. What I do with my time, likes, dislikes or what I think about, has been mainly discussed only with family and friends. Some windows on my world were opened to others when I deemed it appropriate. Even when looking at my biography it was hard for me to initially allow for my personal tastes to be included, in essence showing the other me. But, I do not wish to create a space for duality, as I believe that when I work along side others I do so with authenticity. When I share with my friends and family I do so with that same authenticity. As such when I write it should be from that same core value.

The key is to be real, fake is not cool and people see right through it immediately. One of the reasons someone like Oprah Winfrey was a success, (beyond her obvious talents) was her ability to be herself and still do her job. She, and others like her, manage to give people a look inside their thoughts without over exposure, and they don’t have to be seen as perfect.

So, in regards to this little blog page:

It is a guarantee that I’m not always going to be grammatically correct and depending on the time I have or lack of sleep, my spelling could be off. (I have a great friend who may help keep that on track for me)

I am passionate about certain topics and may revisit them from time to time, this helps me try to make sense out of the senseless. Being myself means that I have strong opinions that may not be shared so well by others. This is where the room for comment plays such an important role and I love that.

So, choose what you want to experience, as there will be interplay between my personal and professional self. This to me embodies freedom and I can breathe a sigh of relief for the acceptance of all sides of myself. I encourage others to do the same. There will be no judgment here, your personal voice and professional opinions are equally welcome.

One Response to Personal vs. Professional

  1. This entry has been inspiring for me to read. I too have been thinking about the blending of personal and the professional, or the public and the private self in terms of what we share with the public. In wishing to live with authenticity, as you say, being our true selves in every aspect of our life, is it necessary to have a division, a duality?

    Strong, smart, whole women who fully embrace and embody the fullness of who they are, and live their truth to the best of their ability in all areas of their life should celebrate the wholeness of who they are in one beautiful package.

    Talk the talk. Walk the walk. This is me. Here I am.


    So thank you for putting that out there.

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