Powerful Play Experiences At Work

Do you need to Re-charge, Re-juvenate and Re-energize your work environment and team? Let me introduce you to Robert Manolson of POWERFUL PLAY EXPERIENCES.

Robert and I came to know each other as workshop facilitators some time ago. Since then I have enjoyed following his career as he brings his love of play to many people and organizations. I asked Robert, Why is play important? I thought it would be great for you to hear his story and how he creates FUN AT WORK!

Why play? It really all began many, many years ago as I was pursuing my college and university education in Recreation Leadership.   At that time, I stumbled across a most unique idea that was just beginning to make it’s mark in the field of recreation and leisure – Cooperative Play!!

Cooperative Play was about inclusion, not exclusion – permission to play your way. Cooperative Play was very well known as Community Building. People would gather outdoors on a grand scale at their local park or green space, recreation centre, large field or even a meadow with a shared desire to play! What a great way it was to bring the people of a whole community together for the simple goal of having fun.

Spring forward to today. The name has changed, we now call it Team Building plus we’ve moved the play experience indoors. But the premise is still the same today as it was back then. People rekindle their spirit of play through cooperative games that are free-flowing, high energy, social and engaging. No skill is required. It’s really all about playing just for the sake of playing and having fun.

Needless to say, Team Building and play just for the sake of playing and having fun has evolved. The “community” that now wants to play with me is comprised of diverse people from today’s ever busy, ever stressful world of work. And something quite significant has taken place here as well. These world of work people, who also have a shared desire to play, have rebranded the word Play to something much more fitting and more specific to their situation – Fun At Work!!

Fun At Work is now permission for a time out from an all too busy world of work to feel engaged, manage stressors, open lines of communication, and strengthen employee relationships. Fun At Work achieves the goal of simply bringing people together in a most unique experience. Through the sheer magic of playing together, we create a feeling of community, a feeling of Team whereby everyone in the workplace is truly more connected, while generating more excitement and energy as a team.

In fact, 100% of world of work people that I’ve surveyed agree that they all can use more Fun At Work. It’s very clear to me that world of work people are driven to spearhead a healthy Work-Fun balance. And they are keenly motivated to change the atmosphere at work while working together as partners in their team’s success.

They say, isn’t it really all about a smile on everyones’ faces at the end of the workday? Isn’t it really all about happy staff? I say, check out the many photos on my website and facebook page. Take a few minutes to enjoy viewing the videos on my website and my YouTube page. See what I see after an awesome Powerful Play Experiences Workshop – happy people ready to take on the workday. Heightened levels of positive energy. Stress levels alleviated. Relationships strengthened, whether it’s special bonds re-established or new bonds created with co-workers. And an “I feel great about bringing fun to work” attitude.

Isn’t it interesting how simple it is?

Workplace fun and wellness through the power of play and fun at work.


Thank you Robert for your wonderful contribution to Esteem Rising!!

“Play is something done for its own sake. “It’s voluntary, it’s pleasurable, it offers a sense of engagement, it takes you out of time. And the act itself is more important than the outcome.” ~ Dr. Stuart Brown~

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