Work Terms No Longer Used

A long time ago there used to be a thing called the end of the work day. It was such a treat to look at your watch and see the shift was almost over. Happily you could walk off the job knowing you were finished and the hours ahead were now all yours. Ahhhh, remember those days?

People would say:

“I’m off the clock.”

“I’ve punched out.”

“I’m on my free time.”

“It’s after hours.”

“I’m off for the day, I will see you tomorrow.”

Now the only time you are off the clock is when you are hiding in a remote area of the planet with no possible way of communicating with anyone that has a title like President, CEO, Manager, Client or Enforcer.

a businesswoman in day and night

In business there is no chance of after hours, least not in the good sense of the term. It’s hard to establish the end of the day when everyone can find, text, phone or email you.

Just as there are words that become obsolete in the dictionary so to will be terms like off work. Youth will look at us strangely as we regale them with the memories of days when we came home, took off our shoes and coats with one goal in mind and that was to leave our job behind us.

I know, it’s crazy talk! Who in their right mind would want to stop working after putting in their paid hours?



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