Working for love or money?

Are you still in love with your job or is it just a way to pay the bills?

In 2013, Monster Worldwide Inc. and GfK, a market research firm, conducted an international survey that revealed who liked their jobs and who didn’t. Interestingly, 64% of Canadians surveyed said they loved/liked their job.

Could you say the same?

So many things influence job satisfaction and the following are some examples:

  • Sense of Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Positive team environment
  • Control
  • Opportunity to grow
  • Security
  • Company respect for family/work
  • Challenge
  • Recognition for a job well done

It can easily be said that every positive reason for job satisfaction listed above the opposite forms the basis for an unhappy worker.  Work can give us more than just a pay cheque but for some the pay is the only thing that is keeping them there.

It can be torturous to get up and go in to work everyday knowing that what awaits you is draining your soul.

If you love your job then I salute you! If you don’t love your job anymore then one attribute that needs to be developed in a hurry is courage. Through sheer will, friends/family support or outside guidance one must find a way to build the courage to open doors previously passed by.

The people who have found happiness in their jobs have achieved this in full or in part by reinvention. A quest to find the right fit results in working with love and for the love of their chosen field.

I have long been a fan of Joseph Campbell and use his quotes often in my workshops. Here is one quote I feel is appropriate today:

“The call rings up the curtain, always, on a mystery of transfiguration. The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for passing the threshold is at hand.”

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