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I want to share with you the blog of a friend who allows people into her daily life, but also candidly tells it like it is as she battles cancer. Going through treatment is an auguous thing that some readers may understand, but many others will not.

When we view this from the blogging perspective it still leaves enough room for us to stay safely away from some of the feelings that come up in their presence. It can be very therapeutic too for the blogger. Writing essays, journaling and now blogging allows what needs to escape from within, a route in which to do so. Unlike the journaling of yesterday, blogging is visible to anyone who wishes to peak inside the mind of another. We can learn many things from this cleansing experience, but in this case we still can’t touch the depth to which cancer can affect someone. Especially somebody that we love.

When I read Lise’s blog I really feel the learning extends beyond her body, knowing cancer and the treatment it requires is another education I’m sure all of us would rather never to be schooled in. She really pushes on, despite the challenges of it all… no choice I guess. What I do know is that she has had an incredible year, completing her Masters, surgery, offers for work, opportunity to use her talents and battling the affects of Chemo.

So given that 2008 has been packed so full with so much learning and life experience please join me in congratulating her for every bit of strength she can muster. On the days when its too much maybe send a little note of encouragement. Keep up the confidence, you can do it!

Chemo Woman rocks on but will complete her gig in Spring of 2009, but Lise will be rocking on for many years to come! (Insert applause here)

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  1. I’m honored to be featured in this blog entry Jennifer. One key feature that needs to be included is the power of care from supportive loved ones.

    You are right, my blog helps me vent and I never know what is going to come out. It’s a vulnerable feeling putting thoughts out there for anyone to read, but by the same token, cancer and chemo make one vulnerable anyway. Why not share it? Maybe it might even help someone.

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