I have just finished speaking to my dear friend Lise. As some of you might know she is also known as Chemo Woman, a superhero in the fight against cancer. However, I see more in her than the daily battle with the treatment she is receiving. I see what is evident in this picture which was taken earlier in 2008.

Look at that smile! Among all the attributes that Lise has there are three things I always thought was cool about her, great smile, she is photogenic and this woman was known for her legs. (Insert Rod Stewart’s Hot Legs song)

Now, she has been my friend since we were thirteen and many things have changed over that time, except those three things. You may wonder why am I focusing on that, well because I know that when she reads this, she will get a chuckle. I am coming clean, I envied my friend’s smile, photogenic face and legs.

This is a time when her body is doing some crazy things while it processes a chemical cocktail. I can assure you, without giving away any of our secrets, this is the worst cocktail she has had in her body. I love the fact that all women friends out there may realize the depth of our relationship. We are the keepers of so much information as it pertains to our women friends and some of it will remain between us and others things are fair game for disclosure.

We are counting down the weeks till this dance with treatment is over and when it is done we will throw a big party, with food and cocktails more befitting a celebration. I suggest she wears a skirt, flashes that big smile so we can have her grace yet another photo album or frame.

Hang in there my dear friend. 🙂

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