Michelle Obama’s School Visit

The first lady Michelle Obama had a lot of focus on her while her husband  President Obama attended the G20 summit. A friend of mine who lives in England and I were talking about the coverage of her visit. She sent me a link to an article that spoke about a visit Michelle Obama made to Islington’s Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College.


The speech she gave really appeared to resonate with the students, I especially enjoyed both the power in the message and the simplicity of the language. All too often politicians or their representatives tend to speak too much and say very little of value or they clumsily dance through the photo op and leave the site soon after. This was not the case. Michelle Obama, by all accounts, was very present and her words gave a glimpse of the girl in the woman, memories from her own years as a student.

More importantly she inspired the girls attending that school. That is exciting to me; one, five, ten or 100 more girls feeling good about themselves, affirming the importance of their own education, caring about today and looking optimistically toward their future!

Empowerment is a beautiful thing.

2 Responses to Michelle Obama’s School Visit

  1. I agree that Michelle Obama is a shining example for all of us. She expresses herself clearly, truthfully, and with understanding. When she speaks we feel we are all the same and if she can be who she is, we can be whom we desire. She is an inspiration and an excellent example of an empowered, emotionally intelligent adult. How fortunate we all are that she is the First Lady of our Nation. sheila radha conrad

  2. Yes, I believe both the First Lady and the President are going to inspire many more people as time goes by. It is truly something to know we aren’t reading about it in the history books but living it. How lucky are we!

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