Recession Talk

Too much recession talk, is there anyone out there thinking positively about the near future?

The word “recession” is getting attached to almost everything in life. “Recession proof your marriage”, “Recession recipes”, “Recession fashion”, “Recession protection for your job”, recession, recession, recession! Ahhhhh!

The word itself is making money for anyone who can work it in to their portfolio. As long as we have an audience who bathes in the doom and gloom, the Internet and TV  will be primed for any bad news. People scanning for information on how to protect themselves from what is here and coming, they will awake to “recession” everyday.

“Depression”, is also bantered around. This word has a whole other power; debilitating, the end of the world type power. The vision of black and white pictures begin rolling, previously only seen in history books or movies, are now shown with regularity to feed the appetite of doom seekers. 

Breaking News: The dawn of the new and improved Great Depression. We will be better at it than our predecessors as we have more to lose.

Stop already!

There are services available that were not available in previous times. Crime is not rampant and unemployment is not at its all time worst. If you want to arm yourself with anything, it is a good support network and turn off the doomsday forecasters. Try to replace the word “recession” with the words we used to attach to our daily life challenges.

* My fashion choices are thrifty and stylish.

* My recipes are good for more than one meal and freeze well.

* My marriage is important to me, we’ve chosen to maintain healthy communication,”for better or for worse.”

I don’t need to keep up with Joneses and never really wanted to. I didn’t need most of what I have purchased over the last few years, I just wanted it. This is a unique opportunity to learn lessons I may have missed before.

Build up your self esteem with solid networking, help your self and others by changing your language right now, move away from the word “recession”. Put on the good news and turn off the bad. I’m not asking you to bury your head in the sand, but its easier to get clarity if your mind isn’t being bombarded by negative messages. Talk the right talk and you will walk the right walk.

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