Wide Leg Pants Are Back

Wide leg pants are back! This doesn’t mean we have to shelve the skinny leg pants but it does provide more options. Of course, I never did really give up my wide leg linen pants – I could live in those.

If you are tall the wide leg pant really accentuates your legs but even those of us who are “vertically challenged”  (otherwise known as short) can wear this style. I find the lower waist style with a pair heels works best for me so that I don’t look like I’m drowning in the pants. Having said that, I can’t resist the bohemian look for summer with a cute pair of sandals.

When I travel I wear my wide leg pants on the plane and have another pair for days out site-seeing. Just thinking about the look and versatility of a flared, wide or palazzo pant makes me want to go shopping for more but I shall resist….for now. It will be nice not having to squeeze into my skinny jeans and instead slip into something a little more comfortable.

The wide leg pant fits well into our work wardrobe too. Pick your style for any occasion and rock the look!


Wide Leg Style

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