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Outfit Posts – Great Everyday Fashion!

I love it when I stumble across creative blogs and this blog  Outfit Posts is one of those great finds.

choosingclothesOne day I was looking for travel fashion ideas and in particular how to mix, match and pack all the outfits. What caught my attention was Outfit Posts’ – One Suitcase Series which featured clothes that the writer had in her closet and advice on how she made the most out of those items when traveling. Whether for business, personal or travel she had some practical suggestions and photo examples.

What I enjoy most is the detail she shares along with who has inspired her fashion pick of the week and where to buy the items. Brilliant!

After perusing her site for a while I decided to reach out to MK, (that’s her name) introduce myself, and let her know how much I loved her blog. I asked if I could share Outfit Posts with my readers and she replied, “Sure. If you want to mention my blog on your site – that’d be awesome.”

From time to time I provide some inspiration for career fashion but I’m sure you will appreciate MK’s good mix of fashion to suit any occasion. If you are looking to get more ideas on how you can amp up your everyday fashion or travel without half of your closet crammed into a suitcase then check out  OUTFIT POSTS!

Thanks, MK. 


Wide Leg Pants Are Back

Wide leg pants are back! This doesn’t mean we have to shelve the skinny leg pants but it does provide more options. Of course, I never did really give up my wide leg linen pants – I could live in those.

If you are tall the wide leg pant really accentuates your legs but even those of us who are “vertically challenged”  (otherwise known as short) can wear this style. I find the lower waist style with a pair heels works best for me so that I don’t look like I’m drowning in the pants. Having said that, I can’t resist the bohemian look for summer with a cute pair of sandals.

When I travel I wear my wide leg pants on the plane and have another pair for days out site-seeing. Just thinking about the look and versatility of a flared, wide or palazzo pant makes me want to go shopping for more but I shall resist….for now. It will be nice not having to squeeze into my skinny jeans and instead slip into something a little more comfortable.

The wide leg pant fits well into our work wardrobe too. Pick your style for any occasion and rock the look!


Wide Leg Style

Dress appropriately when job hunting

What you wear matters when applying for a job but all this person was hoping for was a large desk to mask what she was wearing. Yes, you heard me right, a large desk between her and the receptionist.

Here’s a story about a woman who wanted a last-minute review of her resume and cover letter. She had found a job posting that appeared to meet her needs and offered a good compensation package. After reviewing her papers and suggesting some minor changes I wished her good luck and gave a friendly reminder to put on work appropriate clothes before dropping off her resume. I noticed she was dressed casually with her blouse, boots, jacket and a pair of dark jeans so I said, “You can never underestimate the power of the front desk staff as they often take notes on how you present yourself.” Initially, I felt certain she didn’t intend to drop off the resume without changing first, but I was wrong.

She said, “Oh, I’m just wearing this because I’m driving my scooter there but they will probably have one of those big desks so they won’t see my jeans anyway. Hopefully they will just look from the waist up.” The woman thanked me for helping with the editing  and off she went out the door with helmet and paperwork at her side. I learned later that she has been looking for employment for a long time and this is likely one of the reasons why. She may have the education and even meet most of the qualifications for the position but her personal presentation is completely inappropriate for the jobs she is seeking.

When job hunting you can’t cut corners and expect to stand out in the crowd. From application to presentation everything has to say, I’m thorough, I care and I’m the one for you. This woman was applying for a community based position and at the very least should have been wearing a proper blouse, blazer and if she wanted to wear pants there are plenty of business styles that would have looked far better.

Hoping for a big desk…what’s up with that?

Frustrated Business Woman

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