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Powerful Play Experiences At Work

Do you need to Re-charge, Re-juvenate and Re-energize your work environment and team? Let me introduce you to Robert Manolson of POWERFUL PLAY EXPERIENCES.

Robert and I came to know each other as workshop facilitators some time ago. Since then I have enjoyed following his career as he brings his love of play to many people and organizations. I asked Robert, Why is play important? I thought it would be great for you to hear his story and how he creates FUN AT WORK!

Why play? It really all began many, many years ago as I was pursuing my college and university education in Recreation Leadership.   At that time, I stumbled across a most unique idea that was just beginning to make it’s mark in the field of recreation and leisure – Cooperative Play!!

Cooperative Play was about inclusion, not exclusion – permission to play your way. Cooperative Play was very well known as Community Building. People would gather outdoors on a grand scale at their local park or green space, recreation centre, large field or even a meadow with a shared desire to play! What a great way it was to bring the people of a whole community together for the simple goal of having fun.

Spring forward to today. The name has changed, we now call it Team Building plus we’ve moved the play experience indoors. But the premise is still the same today as it was back then. People rekindle their spirit of play through cooperative games that are free-flowing, high energy, social and engaging. No skill is required. It’s really all about playing just for the sake of playing and having fun.

Needless to say, Team Building and play just for the sake of playing and having fun has evolved. The “community” that now wants to play with me is comprised of diverse people from today’s ever busy, ever stressful world of work. And something quite significant has taken place here as well. These world of work people, who also have a shared desire to play, have rebranded the word Play to something much more fitting and more specific to their situation – Fun At Work!!

Fun At Work is now permission for a time out from an all too busy world of work to feel engaged, manage stressors, open lines of communication, and strengthen employee relationships. Fun At Work achieves the goal of simply bringing people together in a most unique experience. Through the sheer magic of playing together, we create a feeling of community, a feeling of Team whereby everyone in the workplace is truly more connected, while generating more excitement and energy as a team.

In fact, 100% of world of work people that I’ve surveyed agree that they all can use more Fun At Work. It’s very clear to me that world of work people are driven to spearhead a healthy Work-Fun balance. And they are keenly motivated to change the atmosphere at work while working together as partners in their team’s success.

They say, isn’t it really all about a smile on everyones’ faces at the end of the workday? Isn’t it really all about happy staff? I say, check out the many photos on my website and facebook page. Take a few minutes to enjoy viewing the videos on my website and my YouTube page. See what I see after an awesome Powerful Play Experiences Workshop – happy people ready to take on the workday. Heightened levels of positive energy. Stress levels alleviated. Relationships strengthened, whether it’s special bonds re-established or new bonds created with co-workers. And an “I feel great about bringing fun to work” attitude.

Isn’t it interesting how simple it is?

Workplace fun and wellness through the power of play and fun at work.


Thank you Robert for your wonderful contribution to Esteem Rising!!

“Play is something done for its own sake. “It’s voluntary, it’s pleasurable, it offers a sense of engagement, it takes you out of time. And the act itself is more important than the outcome.” ~ Dr. Stuart Brown~

For additional information and resources about play go to:

The Importance of Play for Adults


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Careers – The Best One’s Are Born From Passion

A warm welcome is extended to guest blogger Shelly Stinson. Shelly is a freelance writer based out of Denver, Colorado, who is turning her passion for health & wellness into a career by eventually starting her own website. Here is Shelly’s contribution to Esteem Rising ®.

There’s an old English proverb that says that “necessity is the mother of invention.” While this has certainly been true time and time again, prompting the conception of many life-enhancing products and services, there is also another important quality to consider when it comes to creating something that turns into a wild success—and that is passion.

While passion might seem like a fairly easy concept to nail down, the reality is that some people spend a lifetime searching for it. In fact, if you Google “how do you find your passion?” you wind up with roughly 141 million results, proving that it can be a very elusive concept. So, what exactly is passion?

The Definition of Passion

Passion has been defined as a “powerful or compelling emotion or feeling” or “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire.” In real life terms, it is the excitement that you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re talking about a specific topic or see a certain person. It is also commonly referred to as the “burning” or “longing” that you feel about something or someone that you know will make your life complete.

But passion is also something a bit more. It is the drive that pushes you to want to spend the rest of your life working in a particular field or doing a specific function. Ultimately, this usually involves leaving your mark on the world by taking whatever it is you feel strongly about and turning it into a long, satisfying, and successful career. Which is exactly what one woman named Jil Larsen did.

Jil’s Story

In 2006, Jil was diagnosed with melasma, a skin condition characterized by grayish-brown patches that appear on various parts of the body. Usually, one of those places is the face (specifically on the cheeks, forehead, and chin); however, it can also appear on other areas of the body as well, especially those that typically get a lot of sun. Either way, these dark spots can really impact a person’s self-esteem, which makes the consequences of this condition as much mental as they are physical.

When using traditional medical methods, melasma treatment usually involves taking corticosteroids or getting chemical peels, yet Jil chose to take a different route. After doing some thorough and in-depth research about what causes this particular condition and the various treatment options that exist, she decided that there was something she could do that didn’t involve taking medication. She had to change her eating habits.

Jil gave up meat and dairy products, cleaned up other areas of her diet and focused on eating healthier and more nutritious foods, and even started juicing. And she did this with one simple goal of clearing her skin and removing the dark patches that had suddenly appeared. Fortunately, within just a few months, her condition started to reverse but, almost better yet, a passion had been ignited.

In fact, Jil became so passionate about the positive benefits that healthy eating and juicing offered for her that she decided to turn it into a career. She obtained her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and, from there, opened her own healthy-eating business on Fulton Street in New York City called Magic Mix Juicery.

What Is Your Passion?

Many woman like Jil have taken their passion, their twists and turns in life that seemingly started out pretty negative, and turned them into something not only positive for themselves but for others as well. This allows them to live a life that brings them joy, satisfaction, and contentment both personally and in their careers.

So, now the only question that remains is: What is your passion and how can you turn it into a career? In other words, what is the one thing that, when you think about it, makes you smile not only on your face, but also deep down in your soul?

This isn’t an easy question to answer sometimes because we tend to get focused on working for money in order to support ourselves and our families. To help you overcome this way of thinking and find your true passion, ask yourself what you would do to keep busy if you were to win the lottery tomorrow and didn’t have to sweat paying your bills. What areas would you get involved in? What type of job would make you want to get out of bed in the morning, excited about the day ahead?

Even if you can’t just jump into a career that you’re passionate about full-time right now, there are often lots of things you can do on a part-time basis until you’re able to earn enough to make the final leap. Once you take that first step, the final step is often much easier and, before you know it, you’re doing what you love…just like Jil.



(Jennifer Chandler Consulting does not endorse any products, services or health claims)


Looking for Image Consultants

Do you have a passion for fashion? Do love helping women redefine their personal style? Can you provide advice to women who want to step out with confidence to their new job?

Launching a Fashion Section:

Jennifer Chandler Consulting is looking for professionals who want to share tips and pics with readers who are looking for image and fashion advice.

Many of my clients and readers have talked about how difficult it is to know what to wear, especially after an extended absence from paid employment. They sense their closet needs revamping. They want to avoid wasted time in a retail store changing room. Women are looking for ways to understand their body type, find colours and shapes that compliment and above all else express who they are.

If you or someone you know would like an opportunity to contribute to the fashion page I welcome your call or email. We will discuss your contribution and of course full attribution will be given to you and your business.

No matter where you are in the world this is a platform to share. So, come join all the guest bloggers who pass along their thoughts, opinions, advice and expertise!

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Natural Pregnancy: Connecting with Nature

This weeks guest blogger is Katie Moore – Learn how Katie incorporated nature and exercise throughout her pregnancy, to overcome boredom and enjoy her own company. 

I have always been an adventurous person, and as newlyweds my husband and I would take weekend trips to the country to hike and explore new state parks and attractions. I loved being outside, and I loved the together time it afforded us. Both of us had hectic work schedules, so this was something we could only do on weekends or holidays. I never ventured out by myself because I always figured I would be bored.

Once I was pregnant with my first child (and home from work on maternity leave), I truly was bored. I took an extended maternity leave so I could focus on having a healthy pregnancy and take time to enjoy carrying my child, but more than often I felt bored, restless, and lonely. I would sit and read pregnancy books, watch television, and wait for my husband to get home. Being pregnant and alone wasn’t what I thought it would be.

One day my husband suggested I go take a walk on one of our favorite trails at the state park while he was at work. At first I dismissed the idea because I thought it would make me further isolated, but I also wanted my baby to get some fresh air! I had been staying active by doing prenatal exercise video routines, but they felt stuffy and strange. Once I was on the trail, I felt a peace I hadn’t since I found out I was pregnant. I felt connected with nature, motherhood, and myself. I liked that everything was quiet, and I could hear the sounds of my walking and feel my baby kicking. For the first time, I enjoyed the fact that I was pregnant.

For expecting moms, I would recommend getting outside just once a week. You can use the time to think about how your pregnancy is going, the state of different relationships, what you think being a mom will really be like. There are many decisions that must be made as a new mom; what brand of diapers, deciding on cord blood banking, when to return to work and so much more. You can even talk directly to your baby – it wasn’t for me (I tried), but I know it’s helpful for a lot of people.

pregnancy natureYou don’t have to try anything out of the ordinary. A simple walk through a forest or park will remind you why you wanted to bring a life into the world in the first place. It definitely was a much more uplifting way for me to stay healthy than watching videos in my living room.  Incorporating natural exercise into your life is also cost-effective.

The gym memberships, products, and exercise kits are great for some people, but I moved more when I got out the door. It is advised that low- to moderate-intensity exercise while pregnant is important for keeping your lungs and heart healthy, so it is important to find something you enjoy doing.

I’m glad I tried more naturalistic exercise during my pregnancy because it helped me prepare emotionally for motherhood, and it helped me enjoy my own company. I still try to go for walks alone, although now that my daughter is born, I’m normally pushing the stroller.


Katie Moore has written and submitted this article. Katie is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26


Women on the Web: Why Internet Access Matters

Guest Post and Graphic forwarded by Allison M.
In a majority of western countries, women have a huge web presence, using it, on average, 17% more than men. In western Europe and most of North America, women tend to use social media more, they tend to shop online more, and most of them simply make up more website traffic than men. But in developing nations, with prohibited freedom, lower literacy rates, and lack of technological knowledge, many women are missing out on the Internet. In developing nations, while both genders tend to have more limited Internet connectivity than those in the west, there are still some very surprising discrepancies in how much more often men are able to access the web. In fact, in some extreme cases, as many as 70% of a nation’s men have accessed the web before, compared to just 14% of women. But when women are able to gain access to the Internet, they begin to do powerful things with it. Among women in developing nations, many of those who have been able to access the web have used it to find work, do research, and otherwise seek an additional income source for their families. The following infographic examines how now, more than ever, women in developing nations need the web.
Attribution to
 Girls Online Infographic

Do You Know Your Non-Fiction Book’s Best Target Audience?

Judy Cullins – Guest Blogger, offers this post to Esteem Rising Readers. Enjoy!

One question I ask emerging authors is, “Who is your primary audience (target market)?” They often say, “Everyone needs my message.” They have an idea and just start writing. They don’t think ahead with a marketing point of view, so sadly their books and their services don’t sell well. My answer is, “I know you have something to say, but before you outline those chapters or write one, take some time to make your message strategic.” You can brand yourself in your book and chapter titles, so your primary audience knows you’ll write what they need and want to know. Anyway, how will you contact everyone?

Knowing your target audience is the first step to your business success. People read your book because they want answers for their specific questions. They have concerns and want solutions. When they see general copy, they get turned off and leave. This is a “kiss of death” because, if they don’t finish reading those chapters, they won’t recommend your book. There goes your 24/7 sales team!

Why not take this first step to making your book a business? If you do, you will be pleased with generating more book sales and increasing your business credibility and visibility. If you don’t write for a target audience, your buckshot message will not be effective, and take so much more marketing and promotion time.

When you write your book’s pre-marketing plan that includes writing out your book’s benefits and your specific audience, you tailor your book’s chapters for that audience. They will be happy, engaged, readers who are getting specific information they came for instead of general information they are not interested in. So many new authors think their story will capture attention. Remember, your readers don’t care about you. They want answers. Instead of writing a one size fits all longer book, divide and conquer. Write a series of shorter books, each one written for the audience who really wants it.

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