Born to be Wild Movie 2011

I just had the pleasure of seeing Born to be Wild at the IMAX Theatre and it was magnificent! This beautiful documentary highlights the great work of two women who have devoted their lives to orphans. Who are these orphans? Baby elephants and orangutans.

INDONESIA: Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas of  Orangutan Foundation International has studied and focused her efforts on saving the endangered orangutans in Borneo while educating the world about their lives and habitat. This was a unique experience to see the characteristics and the needs of these little apes and receive an inside look at the daily rituals of those who protect and raise them.

KENYA: In honor of her late husband Dame Daphne Sheldrick began her life long quest to help orphaned baby elephants. As some of you know I am a supporter of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and an admirer of this woman who is featured in this movie. Her passion and dedication is contagious and as such she has a tireless team of people who work around the clock to support both elephants and rhinos; preparing them for their eventual release back into the wild.

One of my greatest highlights was interviewing Wendie Wendt who became the Vice-President of the US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. That two part interview gave me a true understanding of how passion leads to purpose. For the Love of a Baby Elephant Part 1 and For the Love of a Baby Elephant Part 2 may be a past post you would like to read for further insight into their great adventure. I received multiple emails from people wanting to know more and support the organization. It was and remains my pleasure to pass along the information.

Go to this movie!! BORN TO WILD 3D directed by David Lickley and narrated by Morgan Freeman, it is so worth the admission. Whether playing soccer with the elephants, watching the antics of orangutans, scaling up the tall rain forest or flying over Kenya’s landscape you will be captivated and educated by it all. The primary goals are to protect the habitat, support the orphans and release both orangutans and elephants into the environments they were born to roam. Truly noble causes. These two women and all of those who assist deserve their time in the spotlights along with the adorable creatures that share, or shall I say take over the screen.

For more information on how you can give to these projects and adopt an elephant or orangutan go to the links provided or check out my charities page.



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