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What Employment Service Centre and corporate clients say about Jennifer Chandler Consulting:


Dear Jennifer,

You’re a pleasure to work with. Your kind gestures will remain in my memory forever. It was lovely having you here.


Manjit Kandola, RVP, CCDP

SOV Case Manager, Agora Employment Essentials

Jennifer Chandler has provided contract services to our organization in the role of Facilitator for Survivors of Violence and Abuse. Jennifer’s exceptional interpersonal skills and her flexible and collaborative approach make her a great team member, with the ability to adapt to her changing environment as a private contractor.

Jennifer has in-depth understanding and knowledge of the stages of abuse. She is an engaging and supportive facilitator with the ability to quickly build rapport with clients. She works closely coaching and mentoring clients in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Clients have consistently provided positive feedback on their work with Jennifer who has assisted them in recognizing and understanding the cycle and impact of abuse. Her work with clients has helped them to set realistic goals and take steps towards independence.

Christopher Whyne, PMP

For over two years I shared an office with Jennifer. I found her extremely professional and knowledgeable about current career development strategies, while being supportive of clients and team members. Her insights and input were invaluable as we brainstormed ideas and worked on multiple projects. She unhesitatingly volunteered to enhance our filing system and revamp curriculum to ensure content was current, easily understood and relevant to the needs of clients. I sat in on several of Jennifer’s workshops and was impressed with her interactive facilitation style and empathy for the multiple challenges clients face in getting and keeping jobs. Her ability to actively listen to clients’ needs and offer practical support is fueled by her inherent belief in the potential of each client to achieve life success.

John Dawson – Director Agora Employment Essentials

In our work in the career development sector, we are often in need of experienced contractors who can easily step into our organization to provide temporary coverage for our staff. Often we have limited time for orientation.

Jennifer Chandler has been one of those people. Her experience providing personal coaching and group facilitation services to a wide range of clients has made her a huge asset in filling those gaps. The breadth of her services has included people with disabilities, youth, immigrants, and survivors of abuse. She is equally comfortable with highly skilled professionals and the person near the poverty line. Our clients have told us that Jennifer is an approachable and caring professional.

We have been so impressed with her abilities and her commitment to the work we are doing, we have freely referred her to other agencies in our sector.

Darlene Foster – Facilitator/Career Advisor

When I began my graduated retirement plan, Jennifer filled in for me on my days off covering my duties as a Career Advisor and Job Search Facilitator. She handled the job share in an efficient and professional manner, communicating on a regular basis any concerns or observations. I was never in doubt that the clients were being well looked after in the classroom or in the resource room and the excellent client reviews confirmed this was the case. I would highly recommend Jennifer for any collaborative assignments.

Joe Mackay

COO, BGS Enterprises Inc.

Jennifer has the versatility to deliver an array of workshops. The Transitions workshop; a career planning workshop for persons with disabilities required an excellent knowledge of employment, educational, career planning, current labour market information, local employment and training resources. Jennifer has stood out as someone who had an excellent work ethic, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the success of our clients. Her caring and humorous presentation style engaged her groups in the learning process and helped them to see past their fears as they outline their next career steps. Workshop surveys and follow-up calls indicate that Jennifer leaves a lasting impression, exceeds expectations and clients enthusiastically recommend BGS workshop to others.

Marion C. Tansey

MCC Employment Centre

Jennifer has been with us when we’ve needed vacation relief or filling in on medical leave. What stands out is her professionalism, her adaptability, personable approach, and knowledge of the industry. She is a treat to have on the team.

Margo O’Hara

Managing Director, Hope Bridge Services

It is my pleasure to make this recommendation on behalf of Jennifer, she has provided exemplary contract services to our organization over the past seven years by supporting new program development and delivering exceptional career consulting services to our clients. Jennifer’s collaborative spirit, integrity and values yield positive relationships with our team and clients. Jennifer is open and receptive to feedback and is amazing in her ability to quickly incorporate Hope Bridge Services programming values, goals and considerations into her contract work.

Clients consistently provide excellent evaluations of their work with Jennifer which is supported by positive client outcomes. In many cases Jennifer has gone far and above her contracted responsibilities to help clients succeed in their chosen career goals. It is clear Jennifer has an in-depth understanding of individuals facing multi-barriers to employment, she is a strong, knowledgeable and motivated advocate for them and we feel fortunate to have Jennifer as part of our contract team.

Cyndy Greeno

Career Counsellor/Coach/Facilitator

Jennifer, as a Career Coach, is an effective listener and expresses deep compassion for her clients. She accepts people where they are at in that moment of their life without judgment providing them with a safe environment to explore who they are and what they offer to the world of work. Jennifer uses her fine-tuned coaching skills to gently encourage clients to take steps to move forward in their process. As a facilitator, she is engaging and builds rapport quickly in the classroom. Her interactive style helps clients quickly connect with each other which produces a foundation for the group to in turn support each other.

Career Counselling Client Testimonials

What clients and workshop participants say about Jennifer Chandler:

Jae M C

Ms. Jennifer

Thank you for your kind advise and useful lessons. It was very helpful to me and good foundation on my life in Canada.

I hope and believe you can have sustainable happy life. Thank you.


Thank you for meeting with me this afternoon for a mock interview. You were very supportive and showed a steady hand. I know my weaknesses, but you were able to give me specific feedback. The role-playing was helpful, answering questions badly at first, then getting better.


Graham B.

Jennifer was extremely helpful in updating and modernizing my resume which helped me secure the job I applied for. During this process, Jennifer spent time with me discussing the job I was applying for and reviewing my skills and experiences to connect and highlight which skills and experiences were relevant to this position. She then updated and modernized my resume and sent me a draft to preview. We discussed why certain changes additions/deletions were made in my resume and she explained the reason for each change. I found the process of working with Jennifer to be very positive and enjoyable.


Jennifer, I just want to thank you for the preparation we did for the mock interview. For the actual interview that I went in for the next day, it was very informal and conversational. That helped me to calm down quite a bit, I was not nervous at all. I felt it was a really good experience and it’s definitely helping me to prepare for more interviews down the road. Thank you for being so patient and thorough! It really helped to go through it before the actual interview. Keep up the good work!

Marc-Antoine B.


The kind thought you had and the help you provided are invaluable! I’m grateful for the time you spent to make my job search a success.


Jennifer went above and beyond to get me ready for my interviews. With all the work she did with me, the interviews went even better than imagined and I ended up getting a job offer at the firm I wanted! Thanks to Jennifer, I was more confident going into the interviews and better prepared to answer each question.


I have great news I have been accepted into the program at BCIT. I didn’t think I was going to do it but I went to the interview and was able to get in! I have to thank you because there was a time when i wanted to quit and you had some inspiring words to say that helped me out a lot. Again thank you.

Robin S.

As a coach myself, I know the value and importance of developing a rapport and relationship with the client. Without those things effective coaching cannot take place. From the very beginning, I sensed Jennifer’s warmth, engagement, dedication, and commitment to me. Her desire to help me look both at my bigger picture, as well as the smaller details that get in my way of a more clear and direct work path have been invaluable. Jennifer is easy to talk to. She has a way of taking everything I have said and breaking it down into pieces that I can address and process, always leaving me with things to think about, and exercises to put into action. I have the upmost respect for Jennifer and believe that the value she offers can make the difference in creating awareness, taking action, and accountability to stay on task.  Thank you for your commitment to me, Jennifer!

Alyse. A

I received an offer for a full time position! I am very excited for this wonderful opportunity.  Thank you very much for all of your help and support! I truly appreciate it.

Kara F.

Working with you helped me sort out a lot of the clutter in my brain. It made me find a path I would like to pursue and a dream I have of one day achieving it. You also gave me the strength to see my value in the things I have accomplished and the skills I have nurtured and grown over the years. I would never have thought to send a resume to an MLA if I had not worked with you and realized that I could not put myself in a box. That taking a risk and saying “You are looking for me” would take me on a new path. He has now told me that although he had others apply that have held the position before it was my ability to want a new challenge and my love of learning that he liked. He also told me that my personality won over and my love to interact with others. I have also learned from you that no matter how small the job or task may be, I can take away something from it and it is worth looking at if I am in that moment. I truly believe that as I keep working on my goals I will achieve what I want and it is thanks to you for working with me that has given me the confidence to believe this.


Kathy C.

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Jennifer Chandler.

A few years ago I decided to try a new career path. I had been working in the same type of work for about 30 years and it was time for a change. My passion for work had return and I was enjoying the new path I had chosen. I then had thoughts of starting my own business. I was unsure about this next step, and wanted to explore other options also. I soon became stuck in the process. I knew I needed some assistance to help me sort out my thoughts and ideas. Jennifer’s advertisement caught my attention.

After a comfortable and informative phone conversation with Jennifer, I felt confident that she would be able help me. The ease of conversations, during my sessions with Jennifer, helped me to clarify my thoughts. As I progressed through the thought provoking exercises that she suggested, things started to shift. Her professional yet personal approach was truly appreciated. I felt she was ‘with me’ every step. Each session with her, was well planned and she assisted me in keeping my focus. Her genuine support and encouragement, and her positive attitude, played an important role in helping me set and achieve my goals.

When my sessions came to a close, I had an updated comprehensive resume that better portrayed the new me, and a much clearer picture for my new business. What I also gained, which was a bit of a surprise, was a refreshed understanding of myself on a personal level.

Sincere thanks Jennifer!


Thanks to Jennifer’s unique and effective approach to career coaching, I am now happier in my new career than I have ever been. Jennifer helps you to clear out all the clutter to get to the core of who you are and what you need to be doing right now to get your career on track! Thanks Jennifer!  

Suzanne J.

Thanks for your help. The work we did together really allowed me to move forward. Your input on my resume was like unlocking a door for me. Now I feel confident to use this document to market myself in any suitable role. 

Workshop Participant Testimonials

Survivors of Violence Workshop

I have learned so much in the workshops. Jennifer is an excellent Facilitator.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Very profound advice. Constructive as well. Proud to see everyone improve.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

This second workshop totally helped me realize how I will be able to step forward! Thank you.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

SoV Workshop is AWESOME!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Very detailed and helpful. Also, helpful in connecting themes/topics to job situation.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Today’s learning about Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Potential. Thank you!!!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Dear Jennifer, I am so very happy to have met with you. You inspire me to move on. Thank you.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Great techniques for problem solving. Recommendations to view Dr. Gary Chapman and awesome additional info and resources. Awesome, empowering course!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Jennifer is so knowledgeable, caring and kind. It was a great opportunity for me attending this workshop. Thanks with all my heart!!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Very practical, life experience learning. Full of needed worthwhile details for life – living. Excellent Workshop!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Thank you. Seriously thank you to Manjit (Case Manager) and Jennifer. Jennifer is amazing. I wish so many people could go through this workshop with her. I credit my success to these amazing women.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

This is the most transformative workshop. Jennifer is truly awesome.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Really blessed to be here. Jennifer is by far the most amazing presenter. Thank you.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

This is the most worthwhile workshop I have ever been through! Very thankful to be here. Thanks.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Awesome Class! Anxiety and Stress Workshop – shows me to go with feelings and be authentic. Taught me to be more gentle on myself.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

It has been a very eye opening experience!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

It could not be better than this, although I’d like to have more sessions. It’s life changing and life saving.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

It was an amazing workshop and so helpful. Also, I will encourage all my friends to try to attend for sure.

Resume Workshop

Thank you Jennifer for the help building my resume. You showed me what employers are looking for and how to put that on the page. A fun and interesting class! B.G.

Informational Interviews

Thank you so much. Meeting you was a blessing. M.B.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

It was a pleasure to spend that last 3 weeks with you in class. Your topics of discussion were very helpful.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Last day: Beautiful piece to end. Enjoyed watching the facilitation and your guiding back to point at hand. Thank you.

Survivors of Violence Workshop


Resume Workshop

This is the first time I realized you work your resume from the employers perspective! Sounds obvious, but Jennifer really helped clarify that.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Thank you for everything Jennifer!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

It was amazing! So helpful!! Thank you so much Jennifer.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

I have gotten a lot out of this group. I looked inside and began to really see who I am. Thank you so much!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Jennifer covers a lot of practical tools and useful tactics on how to improve your life and confidence. Hard to go through the process but worth it!

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Thank you for awesome learning and insight.

Survivors of Violence Workshop


Survivors of Violence Workshop

This workshop really helped me. I am making a lot of progress and getting confidence to move forward.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

Thank you. Means more than I can express. You are truly amazing and so inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you – changed my life at very tough, dark time.

Survivors of Violence Workshop

I never thought that I could go through the whole 7 days. My life has totally changed since June but I am totally happy about life now. Thank you so much Jennifer!! You are awesome!

Job Interviews Workshop

The most useful parts – That an interview involves self honour and self respect: value for one’s skills and experience. Great facilitator, thank you!


Perfect. Would like to have more workshops with Jennifer.


Got confidence in my abilities. It was perfect.


Great facilitator, thank you!


I confirmed I need to be more concise in my responses to interview questions. Honestly, everything had merit.


It is tricky to manage both sections of common and behaviourial interview questions in one session but the facilitator did a really great job controlling some of the more long-winded participants and giving appropriate guidance.

Cover Letters Workshop

Jennifer is very helpful and genuine in her interest to encourage us to be successful.


I learned the importance of cover letter format, taking the cover letter one step further and making it personal! Awesome – very thorough.


As a result of this workshop I learned how to structure, write and dissect a cover letter. How to tailor and transfer skills in writing, from one job to another. Everything was useful. No wasted speech or time.


All was great. Exceeded my expectations!

Resumes Workshop

I have to make changes to my resume and include highlights of qualification in a different way. Everything was useful and she is very good at doing this workshop.


It empowered me. I feel like I will get a great job out of the resume workshop. Thank you.

Hidden Job Market Workshop

I found Jennifer very encouraging, helpful, sensitive to everybody’s needs. Very informative and well prepared. Great tips for websites to research future employers and great tips for networking.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and perspective on the topic.

Workshop Participant

Jennifer is an excellent facilitator. She has a very helpful, calming style and able to efficiently get through the program and deal with individual situations as well. I don’t know how I could have possibly managed to figure out a goal & plan without this information that was presented in this course.

Workshop Participant

So very grateful for the focus on “self” in relation to work. Jennifer was especially talented in this area – she’s a great inspiration and very supportive.
Thank you!

Workshop Participant

I really enjoyed Jennifer as a facilitator. She made sure you understood what was going on. She genuinely cares about our future and was a very caring, informative and humorous lady. So thank you Jennifer for being yourself and make everybody feel comfortable.

Workshop Participant

Wonderful instructor.  Jennifer covered material in a clear and concise manner. I now have a clear vision of my future.

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