Do you go to the circus?

A video has surfaced, making its way like wild fire through the news and blog world.  Ringling Brothers Circus is again in the spotlight and not in a good way. The video shows mainly the elephants being abused, but also has brief shot of tigers too.

PETA had an employee undercover and he or she managed to capture the hooking, whipping, and multiple beatings of the elephants. These images were taken this year. No matter how you feel about PETA or animal rights activists this should not dissuade you from viewing this pre-show abuse. Facts are facts and it makes no difference to me what group or whom captured these images, it is clear these poor animals are in distress. It is disturbing to watch as they repeatedly hit the animals and clearly the elephants appear beaten into submission and for one maybe insanity.

If you are one of many people who have taken your children to the circus maybe you might think differently. If you are a business offering tickets to this event, it is time you find something else to offer your VIP’s. No matter how you cut it, this is abuse! Even the language the trainer is using, shows how little regard they hold for these beautiful animals. Yet, many families line up to take in the shows, mistaking the animals performance as fun for all.

It appears the animals are not having fun at all and nor should they. The circus is no place for these creatures and shame on anyone who still goes to the circus!

Ringling Bros Elephant Abuse

Additional note: Read what Dame Daphne Sheldrick had to say about the circus and its return to the United Kingdom.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

2 Responses to Do you go to the circus?

  1. There is nothing sadder than what atrocities some humans have committed and continue to commit against other beings we share this planet with. Here is another example of something that makes me ashamed to count myself as part of the ONLY race on Earth that is capable of this kind of senseless cruelty. I have written protest letters and emails to circuses and rodeos in the past..and I’m sad to hear that the voices of those of us who cry out ‘STOP’ are still ignored, as always. I hang my head and cry,..again.

  2. I thank you so much for putting your voice forward, not only in response to this post but also for taking a stand through your letter writing campaigns.

    It is sad and I too, have a real sense of shame as a human being when I view these images. Some may ask “Why do you watch it then?” My response: “As hard as it is for me, it has been far more harder for those animals to endure the cruelty.”

    Elephants are completely capable of understanding the importance of their family unit and grieve the separation from it. As thinking/feeling beings they know fear, love and play in their own environment. They defend themselves and others valiantly in their normal habitat but are unable to here in captivity.

    What does it take for humans to get it…we are supposed to be the care takers not the abusers. Thanks Gillean – your efforts are not in vain. By taking the time you do to lend your signature or voice on behalf of these animals makes you a better human being.

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