Emma Watson – Feminism and Freedom Rising

If you have not heard the speech Emma Watson gave to the UN, please take a moment to view the video. As Women’s Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations she captured the world’s attention as she spoke so intelligently and passionately about gender equality. Ms. Watson managed through brilliant reflection to open up the prospect of freeing feminism from the confines of stereotypes and invited men to be part of the movement through a new initiative called HeForShe.

This speech is not what you think it will be and it is because of that difference, her research and observations, that social media went wild and a room full of dignitaries rose to their feet. I have a renewed sense of hope for our future and I hope you will too after watching her speak.  I welcome the opportunity for men to reap the benefits of equality for their personal well-being which is often overlooked and as she noted, so needed. Their voices are valid and men should not be excluded. With a joint effort we can improve the lives of those we love and society as a whole.

It has been said that trolls are already populating the internet trying to discredit Ms. Watson – I suspect she will transcend anything their small minds can conjure. Even the video I uploaded became private so I suggest you go online yourself to find Emma Watson speech at the UN.

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