Giving in Tough Times

Everyday I see pamphlets, commercials and print ads reminding us about the special charities that need our help. In tough times every penny counts, so donating to not-for-profit organizations can be difficult. However, every once in a while I like to give a reminder and some ideas for giving:

When you get that extra change given back to you after a purchase at your local store, pass it along. There is usually a can, box or display that makes it easy to give. We all know someone who gained support through an organization even the smallest of donations add up over time.

Your time is precious,  precious to those that need volunteers. It is always appreciated & you get to meet great people who share a similar interest. There is the potential to learn something new, utilize existing talents and generally to feel that wonderful sense of purpose.

If you can not spare a dime or the time here is another way to give…forward a kind note or phone message letting a charity know you appreciate all that they are doing. That could lift their spirits too!

If you have a website or blog as I do, ask a charity if you could mention their site on yours. It may be welcomed and inspire others to give in what ever way they can.

There are always ways to give, even in this economy. Be creative and ask yourself “How can I contribute?” or “Who will benefit from my skills?”  Giving is highly gratifying for everyone involved. For a list of charities – – *Check online * Library notice boards * Chamber of Commerce * Community Service Centres * City Hall

As always for Canada here again is a plug for Charity Village – check it out!

Charity Village

Hey! Get inspired by this solo performance by Roger Hodgson from Supertramp

Give A Little Bit

2 Responses to Giving in Tough Times

  1. Great idea about writing a little note of thanks to a charity that’s meaningful to you. So often, nonprofit staff are so busy working with clients or running programs that they don’t take the time to step back and appreciate their own efforts. A little note out of the blue from a “fan” would make their day!

  2. Welcome Maggie and thanks for the comment. I agree with you the staff work so hard and a pat on the back is needed from time to time. It isn’t expected but that is what makes that act of giving a card or call even sweeter.

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