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UNIFEM – United Nations Development Fund for Women, has launched a worldwide campaign aimed at getting men and women to take action to end violence against women. I was introduced to this organization quite awhile ago and have supported and followed their efforts ever since. Those of us with blogs and sites were asked to use this medium to promote their latest campaign and I did not hesitate to sign on.

UNIFEM is dedicated to the advancement of women and providing financial and technical assistance to programs that support women worldwide. There are many partnerships involved to make this happen; from the local grass routes to various high level organizations, participants and governments, who are taking on a  loftier goal of ending violence against women. Foreign Ministers and Prime Ministers have added their names to the cause but we all know that is not enough.

We the public have to be the change we want to see. In large and small ways we can make a difference and I encourage you to add your name to this campaign and offer assistance in anyway you can. It will be easy to read this and pass over the opportunity to participate, I know, but I want you to consider a different course of action.

Raising money for UNIFEM is a real action and so is going to the link and signing petitions. Whatever you choose to do it can only help.


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  1. I am definetly against Violence, of that there is no doubt.
    The more I see and experience life, crime trends and mans inhumanity to all living things, of any age, or sex, I realise that the problem is not a restricted or specialised one. The problem is VIOLENCE itself.

    I have just returned from a meeting in Edinburgh, with Violence Reduction Practioners.
    Within the last 3 years some enlightened Police Forces and the W.H.O. have adopted a model of attacking the problem of Violence in a new way.
    Two or three possible sites and reports that may be of interest are “Violence and what can we do about it,” by George Hosking.
    The Scottish Police Violence Reduction Unit.
    W.A.V.E. Worldwide Alternatives to Violence.

    There is also a very excellent canadian program..THE ROOTS OF EMPATHY which is aslo being piloted here…Do not know if it would work on those pesky cats though!

  2. No, I’m not sure the pesky cat would get the message about anti-violence, stalking and killing is legal when you are a cat. Now, that was a controversial blog post.

    Violence continues to be however a large problem, perpetuated I believe by our indifference. Until it happens to you or someone you know, it is just something to watch on TV and then go onto the next story or movie.

    I am proud to support any agency that works to reduce violence, especially as it pertains to women. Worldwide they are clearly dealing with multiple issues, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse, mutilations, honor killings and rapes; women are far and above in need of something that truly attacks the problem of Violence.

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for all the work you have done in working with victims of violence.

  3. Thanks for the thank you, Jen..But the tense is a present one…Still working on it, with Government, Agencies, NGO’s and school students.

    Levels of violence are rising, despite all agency and Government efforts.

    Young and older citizens are involved with it now and suicide rates are rising again…More female attempts, but more male suicide completion by males still.

  4. It is good to hear that you remain a vital part of the system, can’t imagine you not being there. A larger role is needed by all those who have the skills and the willingness to make a difference.

    There are so many theories behind the rise or shall we say acceptance with and participation in violent behaviour.

    What is it? Our tolerance levels are getting higher? Our inability to find alternatives when faced with challenges? Is it by-product of the ever growing population of narcissists?

    I have a theory on the growing number of suicides for both women and men. Maybe we will share and discuss its merits sometime.

  5. Sometimes walking backwards through a case file will provide vital clues….Like the case of a 15 year old young man who killed someone recently..A Police Superintendent told me of this lad, and his pre-sentencing report, just last week.

    The young man, was small for his age and was born into poverty, mother a drug addict, who died of a heroin overdose when he was 10.

    He was moved to live with his grandmother, who could not cope very well with his needs & problems.

    The grandmother also had three sons, who had heavy duty criminal records, living in the same house.
    No positive male role models, dysfunctional family… so he became part of a gang who carried knives to defend themselves…He been stabbed himself, several times before and bore the scars…Just one of many under 20 year olds, with varied problems, learning & living the rules of the street.
    Some live long enough to outgrow it…Some do not and land up in jail or dead.

  6. I am meeting a campaigner in March, in Edinburgh, who is taking a different approach to Violence and Domestic Abuse.
    He is one of America’s leading anti sexist male activists and author of the Macho Parodox, or why some men hurt women.
    He has given and is giving training Programs to Universities, the American Military and a number of Police Departments in Canada and the U.S…Now he has been invited to speak at Scotlands Violence Reduction Unit Spring meeting…
    There is a Professor at UBC who has long advocated a similar approach.

    If we are going to defeat violence, we must include men in the battle and UNITE.
    Oh…The man’s name is JACKSON KATZ.

  7. I am familiar with Jackson Katz. It is always been my opinion that it is not just a woman’s issue, it is more so a man’s issue.

    The professor at UBC that I’m aware of works very hard at raising awareness about human trafficking, Benjamin Perrin.

    It is my dream that men step up to the plate on both these issues but I remain sceptical. Many men still can’t see their role in perpetuating violence against women through inaction and their lack of acceptance that the media also contributes to the negative perceptions about women.

    Thanks for your comment.

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