Bill C-36 Adopted – Next Steps

Check out this link to the video Justice and Human Rights July 10th, 2014

I encourage you to hear the speakers but in particular Michelle and Jay Brock from Hope for the Sold. (They are the second speakers) I think their presentation helped to clarify distinct points and I liked their genuineness and sense of humour. Their experience interviewing those in other countries who have dealt with the issue of prostitution and sex trafficking was also impactful.

I know it’s long, as each speaker gets 10 minutes so maybe listen in stages if you can’t spare the time.

Why watch?

1. This is democracy in action

2. While you and I go about our day, very real decisions are being made that will directly affect our communities.

3. These people are representatives and whether you agree or disagree with them, it is good to be open to hearing their experiences and opinions.

Internet search bar with phrase prostitution





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