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Thanks to readers out there I have a few more links to review. I am so appreciative of anyone who works to support the victims of trafficking and who help to make our politicians implement laws and policies that will make a difference. Here is a link from Linda.

Canada, USA, UK it doesn’t matter where I go in the world, mentioning this topic opens up news stories familiar and unfamiliar. There is a story to be told everywhere. Modern day slavery is what we are talking about and the only thing that is going to turn this around is to keep the discussion going. Thanks to all who have emailed and commented.

Human Trafficking Accountability

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  1. That is an excellent U.S. link posted by Linda, interestingly, (but not surprising), that this particular piece of legislation came out of the California legislature and a San Francisco East Bay Politician,(Alameda is also a Navy base for an Aircraft carrier or two. Yes there is a connection!)

    Canada’s Department of Justice and the RCMP are not far behind.
    People trafficking is an emotive subject that is among the top Five Priority goals of most G8 countries and their NGO’s.
    B.C. Politicians are acutely aware of the tempting criminal market opportunity,presented by the 2010 Olympics. Police Forces have it very much in the spotlight.

  2. The RCMP may be getting more force together but Canada has lagged behind other nations for some time now. We don’t have the legislation we should to combat this, the US does better too in protection laws and minimum sentencing. We are slow and convictions for traffickers is a blip on the radar. I hope that after the Olympics there won’t be a pull back of resources, keep the momentum going and make Canada be the last place traffickers will want to be! Thanks so much for your input on this, very valuable discussion. Look forward to more talk.

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