The truth about the sex industry

This week a joint effort by police in both Canada and the United States resulted in 197 arrests for human trafficking. “Operation Northern Lights” and a similar operation south of the border called “Operation Cross Country IX” has helped to rescue sexually exploited individuals including children as young as 14 years old.

CTV News report – Cross-border human trafficking investigation leads to 197 arrests

Joint operations between police forces and continued cooperation between agencies remains a crucial component to addressing the issue of human sex trafficking. I can’t stress enough how important it is for citizens to recognize the impact this crime is having on our society. There are real people behind the headlines, likely women and children, who will need considerable support going forward.

With this in mind, I want to introduce you to a video that features three women who got out of the sex industry. A former stripper, porn star and prostitute talk about the reality of their existence and what it was like to rebuild their lives.  Many points hit home with me but especially as they described the moment they dared to dream and felt worthy enough to set goals. It was a hard road to follow in the pursuit of finding self along with work and relationships that were nurturing. Truly remarkable and inspiring!

These women are part of Treasures – an organization that provides outreach and support to women in the sex industry and sex trafficking victims. They are better equipped than I to share how difficult it is to recover, so please take the time to hear from these incredible women who survived and now thrive.  It was mentioned in the interview that Treasures helps those who are transitioning out of the industry by addressing gaps in employment which is a challenge when seeking new employment –  support is provided. Check out Part 1 – 4 of this video The Aftermath

and then…..

The following video also features Harmony Dust who is the Founder/Executive Director of Treasures and she is joined by other women and men who share the truth about the sex industry.

Sex Sells: Who Pays The Price

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