A Bloggers Anniversary

It was one year ago when I started blogging.

My initial concern was the exposure to so many people and how to maintain my professional image while dispensing personal opinions. Early on my friend and colleague mentioned about “finding your voice,” as every blogger has their unique style represented in their posts. I’m not sure if I have found “my voice”, I think so…though I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I do know that I have posted less material that would address my professional knowledge as it pertains to careers and concentrated mainly on interests. I admit sometimes I hold back in my posts. In my professional life I’m contemplative, I like to think before I speak. I have a vast amount of information but fall heavily back on my counselling skills to hear the story before providing counsel. My approach is supportive and non-judgmental and I truly assess what is in the best interest of my clients or students.

My blogging and writing is at times all together different!

Which makes me afraid that the intensity in which I feel something may explode in a way that would surprise readers. I’m a passionate person on so many topics and blogging has given me a forum in which to take that passion.  The freedom of expression is intoxicating and blogging is a great therapeutic tool.

Interestingly what was my concern has now evolved into my reward. The opening up and contact with people that I admire already as my personal friends and acquaintences and my shared experiences with others that I may never meet, has been great! Those who contributed their comments and stories equally gave me opportunity to gain a new perspective and a sense of kinship.

Since one of my favourite words is “inspire” I get to see plenty of reasons to be inspired every week. Talking with women who are doing some amazing things with their life and who continue to enrich ours. I’ve been kept busy researching charities and immersed myself in hot button issues. Continuing to develop my skills to explore a story better and fuel the fire that makes us stop and take note.

Technologically I’m still in the dark, if it wasn’t for the talents of others in that department I may have given up a long time ago. Thankfully my tech guru’s didn’t give up, as my questions are numerous and still I won’t remember most of what I learn. Selective memory.

This past year I do have my own favourites:

November 2008 – Alice in Wonderland which was picked up again by a women’s magazine.

December 2008 – Job Search in December inspired by a client who found a job and is employed today

February 2009 – Happy Birthday Duchess where I remembered my beloved dog. Covered professional advice in Baby vs. Career.

March 2009 interview with Wendie Wendt from US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

June 2009 Dolphin Dealer – Christopher Porter expressing my anger over the selling of dolphins.

July 2009 Buying and Selling Humans which links to an interview with Major Winn Blackman of the Salvation Army and Heart and Stevie Nicks with great response from music fans just like me.

September 2009 Wedding Day and Curiosity Killed the Cat which came with a comment from a reader that I won’t forget anytime soon.

There were so many favourites that also included my friends and family and it was fun to look back at some of the more humorous moments. I want to grow with this and reach out to as many people as possible. I want to know myself and others in a way I have never known before. I look forward to blogging my way through 2010; reading about and hearing from the exceptional people who have made this a vibrant community in which to spend time.

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