A busy day

It was Monday today but already I’m tired. As I look towards the coming week I see a “to do” list getting larger and not a lot of mental rest. Whenever that comes about I try to remind myself that it will all get done and I will be the better for making my way through it.

The problem occurs when I wear too many hats in one day, you’ve heard me speak of this before. Today, I worked in the office for half a day, handled calls to determine whether we qualify for a grant due to the untimely demise and replacement of our furnace…happening this week. Confirmed tomorrows crew would be arriving bright and early, moved home office items out of the way to accommodate the new furnace construction which includes cutting a whole in the floor as the furnace is under the house. General clean up, including vacuuming, washed sinks, made bed, two loads of laundry, called my mother to wish a happy birthday (had dinner with her last night to celebrate) set up tonight’s meal, did the dishes, managed to fit in a 30 minute workout and now blogged.

I have substantial amount of homework to do for a course I’m taking which when I saw what this weeks requirements were I felt my face flush. With each thing I switch hats quickly and at the end of the day it doesn’t surprise me that my mind won’t shut off. This is the life I and many others lead  and I don’t see that changing. My time has been managed with lists and great expectations but life isn’t like that. There is always the unforeseeable that has you switching in mid stride. It occurs to me often, “What would it all look like if a camera followed us around, would we look like lab rats in a maze?”

The only time, like many people I’m sure, that I can feel completely relaxed is when I am on a beach somewhere in the tropics…ahhhh…I just took a breath and pictured myself there. Oh, that was just what the doctor ordered, a minute in the surf and sun. Maybe tomorrow I will break out my tanning lotion put it on, just to smell it and dream a little more while wearing my sun hat. That’s a hat I like to wear.

Somewhere tonight the sun sets with a palm tree doing its dance in the wind and I am there in spirit. Cheers.

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  1. I never thought about how I might look when I run around frantically trying to do it all, whatever that “all” is!

    I’ve never been a beach bum, but am excited that I will be heading down to Art Basel Miami Dec 3-6. It won’t be much rest, but my eyes will be happy to see so much art in one place.

  2. Welcome Lydia and thanks for the comment. Yes, sometimes I like to wonder what life looks like from another angle.

    Having the ability to take in art with all that international representation is sure to be an escape. When I have had the rare opportunity to experience the arts or even great architecture I can get lost in examining the beauty and details.

    Enjoy Miami!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this blog and I can totally relate to how you feel about wearing so many hats and having to deal with so many diverse tasks and situations on any given day. Life is exhausting!

    I work two completely different part-time jobs, plus blog and write book reviews, etc., not to mention try to work on building my own business and nurturing my social life, etc., and somedays I am so completely overwhelmed by everything I feel I need to accomplish that I just have to walk away from the computer for a couple of days in order to gain a fresh perspective.

    I wonder if the Internet (which was originally supposed to be a wonder tool that was going to give us more leisure time) is the thing responsible for making all of our lives so much busier and more hectic? Do you think it is? I do. While it obviously has amazing benefits, it can also push one’s brain right over the edge.

    Ah, that I could escape to a quiet, tropical beach for some sunshine and R&R; preferably with a fruity drink with an umbrella in it! Instead, it’s a chilly November walk with my dog in a small city on a beautiful sunny day that has finally come after three days of rain and then back to the computer to get some work done (on a Saturday)!

  4. Welcome Christine. You have provided such a great example of how many hats one can wear. Wow!

    That overwhelming feeling is understood by so many of us and how much we can pile comfortably on our plate is different for everybody. I don’t know how many times I have pushed myself further because in comparison I felt I should be doing more…”look at Trudy, she does this, this and this and she can handle it.”

    Yes, I believe the internet makes life busier &/or cuts into the leisure time we would have taken if we were not so connected. There are benefits, this is one of them, but being able to walk away from it is also good.

    A vacation to me from a busy life and over saturated mind only happens when someone else does the house maintenance, work week is done, all technology is shut off and like you say the beach stretches in front of me and the umbrella decorated drink is served.

    Thanks for your comment, I look forward to hearing more.

  5. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! This is the first chance I got to see yours. We’ve been in petal to the metal mode here at the shop…….Your blog is delightful! I went back to the sesame st thing. We have a parrot named Mojito so when we leave he watches PBS. (I know this is sick) but he loves Elmo, and the show has enough double entendres to be amusing to adults. Robespierre likes “Murray has a little lamb”…Great post.

  6. Welcome,great to hear from you. Please let readers know more about your shop, you never know who is in the area, busy is good in this case.

    As for Sesame Street, I am so glad that your parrot is cultured enough to appreciate PBS and loving Elmo is not a crime! See people, even our feathered or even furry friends know good television. Support Sesame Street and support public broadcasting!

    Thanks for the comment, hope to hear from you again.

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