A Reason for Meeting

A conversation I had this morning spurred me on to write this post.

Did you ever meet someone that made me you feel at ease the first time you met them? Have you gone  to a party, dreading the fact that you know hardly anyone there, only to find yourself talking all night long with a person who shares similar interests? Have you met a good friend through a job? Developed a long distance friendship with someone you have never met in person?

All of these are examples of the connections we can make when we aren’t looking. It is not forced, it is a pleasant surprise. These fabulous opportunities are so genuine because there was no agenda attached, no timeline, no expectation. It takes an ordinary day or experience off in a whole different direction.

I believe there is a reason for meeting, it is by no accident that people come together. Their time spent can be fleeting but memorable, or be the beginnings of a long friendship. It could be that there is a message to be heard that can only come through this person and then they are gone. Possibly they are the teacher of  lessons you need to learn or the stepping stone to a dream. Whatever their reasons for coming into your life, it is worth it to be thankful.

One minute, one hour, one day, a lifetime can be turned around just by their introduction or presence. I have met so many exceptional people in the ways I described earlier. Some remain in my life, others made a lasting impact and I’m forever grateful for the time I had with them. I guess my point is:

Savor the moments, they are pure and they are what makes a dull day light up, a smile worth its weight in gold and a voice the most precious sound you will hear. Meaningful connections begin always when we least expect it.

It is by no accident…

3 Responses to A Reason for Meeting

  1. Did you ever think that your practicum at CFVR would lead to our lasting friendship? I had a good vibe about you the moment I saw you.

    Luv u Jennifer…thank you for being my true friend.

  2. Yes, that is the best example of meeting a good friend through work. A friendship that was easy to start because of your caring soul and the light that surrounds you.
    I’m in great company when I stand with you. A blessing indeed.

  3. Thank you Jennifer. I hope you know it goes both ways. I choose my friends carefully and you’re as special as they come.

    So….how do we like ourselves so far??? 🙂

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