A year in review, or not

A year in review is not something that takes a lot of effort. First, look way back to January 1st, with goals or resolutions ready for launch. Then blink and “Voila!” – you are now at the end of the year.

I swear, as I get older that is exactly how it is. One minute we are in plan mode, the world is our oyster, the ideas are flowing, we are in control and we have 365 days to get it all done. Somehow, that 365 days folded inward and became 182.5 and that’s being generous. In actuality it probably folded so much it looked like origami.

I’ve decided this year I’m going to be a little sneakier, I will make 2010 think I’m ready for the journey but instead I’m going to sprint. Peddle to the metal, baby…it won’t know what streaked by and it will have no time to close ranks around me.

Trying something new, no problem! Write more, you bet! Travel to new lands, I’m on it! Laugh a lot, Hell ya! Make business more pleasurable and pleasure more notable, I’m on fire! Work out more…sure…reduce chocolate consumption…..maybe…do more gardening……Ahhh, OK… learn to cook more recipes…….whatever.

I’m already feeling sluggish and I haven’t started the first day of the New Year.



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