Accounting Day from Hell

I have just come to the end of my day from hell!

Stuck in my office on a beautiful sunny day, getting together all that my accountant needs to file my taxes. This sucks! I look out of my office window to watch the walkers and cyclists doing healthy things, while I have minor little breakdowns pouring through my files.

Usually I’m more together than this, but for some reason this year I decided to adopt the procrastinators way of thinking. “I’ll do it next week”…”OK, next week, I’ll do it”…”OK all ready, I will get it done!” I thought of the speech I give to my students on how bad procrastination is and then I realized I too have been lured into its evil domain.

Tomorrow, I will hand these files happily over to my trusted accountant; feeling completely comfortable with the thought that it will be one year from now that I may face yet another day from hell. Of course, I will be far more organized, I really think I learned my lesson this time.


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