Beautiful People

Today was a day where I was reminded of the beautiful people who have entered my life. There are many people that pass through, some stay close to the heart and others grace us with their presence once in awhile.

There are also people who serve us well and I would like to acknowledge three women who by virtue of their goodness and a love of their work are examples of special personal service.

Leanne provided me with a relaxing facial, a luxury I do not allow very often but as always her kindness, gentle voice, interesting conversation and genuine love of what she does makes me come away with her light radiating around me.

Candice who works to keep my muscles from cutting off breathing and blood flow; allowing me time to enjoy movement that feels natural. I always joke that after I leave her office I’m awake with more flow to the brain, just a little bit smarter. I love my body more every time and I appreciate her humour and expertise.

Darlene, who owns a store in town which I will feature on my site soon, offered to help me find a wrap for a dress. When I couldn’t find what I needed she let me borrow hers. She too, has a personality that when you walk out of her store, you feel like a smile and good energy came with the purchase.

I came home to the knowledge that people that mean the most to me are still out there, but those whom I only see once in awhile for services are equally special.

Life is good – with such people in it. Today, I didn’t sweat the small stuff, instead I bathed in the goodness, memory and beauty of others.

I thank you.

4 Responses to Beautiful People

  1. Good Morning Jennifer

    In reading about the beautiful people who touch your life. I realize you must be one of the many amazing and interesting clients that Leanne refers to in telling me about her week, you sound like a very lovely person. I am blessed to have Leanne as my daughter as well as my Esthetican. She is truly gifted in her talents and her sweet gentle ways,with her clients as well as her family and friends and most of all me! Her Mom whom she makes feel and look younger with the smiles she never fails to put on my face.

    Cheers to you Jennifer for taking the time to tell us about the people in your life.

    Warm Regards


    P.S. I enjoyed reading your blog it was my first one and will not be be my last.

  2. Thank you so much for your response to my blog. Leanne is a reflection of the love that must have surrounded her. I’m sure there are many people who feel as I do, go home appreciating their time with her.

    Welcome to my blog and enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. I equally enjoy our time together. There are people that always make my day a little brighter and you are one of them foresure!
    I was thinking of you on Saturday and I even did a little sunshine dance for you. I hope your day was so wonderful and went off with little stress.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Candice 🙂

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