Betty Fox – Woman of Influence

Mrs. Betty Fox – Woman of Influence – Woman of Love – Woman of Vision – Woman with a legacy of her own.

This site was originally conceived with a very special agenda to feature women of influence, charities and foundations along with my own life reflections. Today, I honor one woman, Betty Fox, who led a life of service to not only her family, her community but indeed our country. She did this to carry on the legacy of her son Terry who courageously battled cancer and ran over 5000 km to raise money for cancer research. When he lost his life at the age of 22, Canada mourned but like a phoenix rising from the ashes Betty and the Fox family found a way to turn that loss into hope.

I was a teenager when Terry left us but he was a legend in many a kids eye. Growing up in Coquitlam BC it was cool to see Terry Fox Secondary become part of our school district. It was due to the tireless efforts of Terry’s mum and family that an entire foundation was formed and year after year people ran, served and donated in Terry’s honor.

It was not of her choosing that Betty Fox became a participant in all of this, as having her child alive and well would have been her first wish. However, the plans for both her son’s life and hers changed. Sometimes we don’t know what our full potential is until we are forced to find it. To dig deep and spread the seeds of our humanity, compassion, wisdom and service to others as she did so mightily. This my friends was a life lived – another great woman of influence – who through her love for her son continued the journey he could not.

Thank you Betty for your service to us all. For demonstrating what love of family, friends and community is all about. For leaving behind a foundation that will continue where you left off and know that we are eternally grateful for the time you had to spend with us. Sending heart-felt condolences to the family.

Please go to my charities page for a link to the Terry Fox Foundation.

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