Blogging on Good Friday

I thought I might go out and get some flowers, go to the library, check out the local garden shop for some spring plants. Then I remembered it was Good Friday and wondered allowed “what if I get out of my track pants for nothing, what if the stores are closed?”

Should this be a day off? Should I be blogging today? Was it bad that I did laundry? Is there something I’m supposed to do, or not do on this day? I’m confused.

Some people have the day off, others do not. Some stores are open, some are not. Like most days of observance, I’m having troubles determining what to expect out there. As a result of my indecision and lack of knowledge about the protocol for such a day, I chose instead to remain in my home and observe nothing but a good book, my husband who is battling a flu and a fire both of us have been trying to get going for oh…two hours now.

When we did open up our fireplace to load in the paper and wood we came upon a very large, and I mean large, bee. I was prepared to get out my vacuum cleaner and suck it up, (is that bad to do on Good Friday… vacuuming?) but then my husband, thinking sanely, felt we should capture it and set it free. I got the glass and cardboard and that is what we did.

I feel better about that,  as my first response was out of panic. I’m normally even setting flies free. I hate to see them crashing constantly up against the window trying to find their way back out.  Getting back to my story, our freeing of the bee must count for something right? That has to be in the spirit of something, we saved a life!


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