Boating for Two Dummies

Look out ocean here we come!

Well, sort of, maybe, sometime soon I’m sure, least I think so. For three months my husband and I have been researching boats and I’m hoping we are nearing the end of our research mission. I started out somewhat reluctantly entertaining this idea but have since come around to its benefits. It is well worth the time we have taken, as there is much to know and many people/boats to see. Everyone has an opinion; what styles they like, the best motors, maintenance issues, mooring, features that are for enjoyment, those that are necessities. It is all so mind boggling!

I discovered that I am claustrophobic and couldn’t be on a boat that would have us doing the majority of our cooking, eating and sleeping down inside a cabin. I’m not one for being relegated to the dungeon anywhere especially when I haven’t done anything wrong…lately. Instead, the most suitable style allows us to see outside just fine while sitting comfortably in the cabin.  To me,  it feels like a small motor home and I can deal with that just fine.

My top five motivations for becoming boaters are:

1. We get to spend time together seeing areas of our beautiful coast, not previously available to us via land.

2. I get to camp again, which I have been missing desperately for over eight years.

3. There will be no TV or computer taking up valuable time. The only technology will be boat related.

4. You meet other passionate boaters who make the whole experience seem that much greater.

5. Intimacy…alone just the two of us… relax, enjoy, eat, drink, be merry, and oh yeah, I’m bringing a whole bunch of board games. (Friends are welcome on occasion too, of course)

We have saved up money, have a budget, bought the books: Boating Handbook, Power Boating for Dummies, Anchoring and 2009 Ports and Passes – Tides, Currents & Charts. We are about to take the appropriate courses, and have been on and off so many now I think we are nearing a decision. I will be wearing my life jacket, adhering to boater safety, bringing my binoculars and scoping out the best destinations. Oh, the excitement builds!

I sure hope I don’t get sea sickness! I have never been a good traveller, humm?


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