Candice Olson Still Telling All

It has been a while since I took a very frivolous moment to extend to readers my love for Candice Olson’s interior designs. Having pretty much followed her career from show to show I was glad to see she is back for another season of Candice Tells All. I keep expecting one day I’m going to see a room that is just not something I could live with because eventually that is the case with most designers I see on TV. So far I’m still loving her work!

Some time back I had blogged about her fashion sense and I know I’m not the only one out there wondering, “Wear does she buy her clothes?” My dream experience would be a Candice room makeover and shopping day with that woman. That sounds really greedy doesn’t it? A room designed by Candice should be enough but she has got style with home and fashion that I want to tap into. Somehow I think a day shopping with her would be a blast.

This season of Candice Tells All has relatively the same colleagues working alongside her and though I find their interactions a little too staged at times the show still keeps me interested. I take no phone calls, absolutely no interruptions when she is on! My husband knows I will be glued to the TV so best to leave me alone or join me on the couch for a half hour.

All of us have people we admire for one reason or another. All of us have favourite shows that give us something to look forward to each week. This show is my escape and as long as Candice Olson is in the public eye doing what she does best I will continue to watch with anticipation. I appreciate people who do their job well and have fun doing it. She strikes me as being someone who continues to enjoy her work, the people she works with and those she serves and that, my friends, is what we should all strive for.


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