Cell phone in Ladies Washroom

Time for a little life humour.

OK, I’m in IKEA returning an item and before embarking on my spending spree to redecorate my office, I hit the ladies washroom.

Busy place,  with only two stalls open I walk in and get my self…..well situated. On the left of me, a stall is already occupied and then a woman proceeds to enter the stall on my right. I can hear her speaking on her cell phone, surely she is going to hang up, right? No.

I can hear the faint sound of a male voice, she continues her conversation and then the inevitable. A flush! Loud and clear from the stall to my left, I follow up with my flush, even louder as it is within a foot or so of her cell phone. The guy on the other end of her phone, I believe, has clued in as I hear; “I’m in the bathroom…Oh, Ok, I’ll call you back”.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would have hung up before I entered the washroom. Hasn’t cell phones already infiltrated too much of our public areas. We have adapted to people seemingly talking to themselves as they walk through the mall or chat while dining at the restaurant. We loathe the person who is driving, eating and talking on their cell phone, but come on!

Can we not sit on the toilet in a public restroom without having what we are doing ride the airwaves? Some public places need to remain cell phone free zones. Personally, I vote for restroom stalls.

NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED!                    All In Favour, Flush!!

2 Responses to Cell phone in Ladies Washroom

  1. Yes, this really did happen! I can assure you I walked around for awhile thinking about it. As always I looked for the humour, but this speaks heavily to the lack of respect and the lack of privacy so many have become accustomed to bringing to the public arena. I was a little more tolerant that day, as I know on other days I may have had an urge to point out the obvious. “Hey lady, you and the rest of us are in the washroom!”

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