Dating Pet Peeves

Today, at my hair salon, my stylist was talking about her latest dates. She is an intelligent, attractive, and well spoken woman of 27 years who has a pet peeve. Two different guys that she dated could not spell, not just common mistakes but really couldn’t spell. She said, she would get text messages (despite the already abbreviated language used) full of spelling mistakes. One of the guys had not graduated high school, which she didn’t find out until after going out for a bit. This could explain some of the problem but either way for her it is a turn off. I offered up that these guys may have had a learning disability but that is a mute and overused point, the real point was her pet peeve, they can’t spell.

Another person shared a story in which her daughter could not continue dating somebody because he had a lot to talk about when he was texting but not when they were in person. Given that she is a shy person herself she found it ironic that her conversations skills were better than his. She broke up with him, if he can’t talk in person what is the point. Her pet peeve, her date was speechless unless he was technologically hooked up.

I was reminded in hearing those stories what my pet peeve was back in my dating days, bad table manners. I could not stand a guy who didn’t know how to properly use his knife and fork. I mean, come on! A grown man should not be awkwardly clutching his fork like a four year old straight up in the air or holding his knife like some cave man carving the kill of the day. Even worse, was when they chewed with their mouth open. I couldn’t help but hear the slapping sound and notice the food rolling around inside of their mouth like clothes in a dryer.

We all have likes and dislikes and we are not perfect but real annoyances can keep you from having one more date, even if the guy is attractive in other ways. Who knows how are pet peeves come to be but they are probably a good thing to note. If you can’t live with it now, there is a good chance you are not going to be able to live with it for years to come.

I can’t help but laugh when I hear the stories of people’s pet peeves. We all get this look on our face and a strong voice that lets others know this is a non-negotiable item. I think I’m going to keep this one open, bring it up from time to time with people as I never learn the origin of the pet peeve but the stories that go along with it are great.

If you have a dating pet peeve now or in the past, feel free to share.

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