Fibromyalgia Battle

I don’t normally take the time to talk about my own health but lately my body seems to waging a war inside. It appears that due to some unexplainable reasons there is a war erupting within my body. It is a battle of the muscle groups!

From what I can gather from my intelligence, each group is jockeying for power and control. The sources conclude it may be due to weather changes, but that has not been confirmed. What I do know so far is:

The calf muscles decided that the morning is a good time to attack thus rendering me unable to properly put my feet on the floor. The neck muscles thought it would be great to go on the offensive with the inability to turn my head without major restrictions. The hips are a night time stalker, waiting until midway through my sleep to tense up, causing me to flip sides every twenty minutes or so. The knees have been put out of this bedtime battle with the long time use of a pillow between them. A pillow my husband likes to jokingly refer to as my “crotch rocket” but I tried to explain the pillow is for my knees, not my crotch.

The shoulder blades are restricting some natural movement with the left side showing off its unique ability to protrude out from time to time. Not very stealth like. The hands amazingly have remained fairly cooperative, hence allowing me to send out this message. I’m trying not to antagonize any remaining muscle groups given that the battle for pain supremacy could get worse if I do anything to provoke the body.

Good eating habits have been implemented, a stand by on all athletic missions that may lead to further injury. Stretching is permissible and light weights have been dispatched in an effort to give each muscle group a sense that they are being listened to. What I am hoping to accomplish is some peace, an end to the conflict.

All of this has caused some exhaustion due to sleep irregularities, but I am confident this too shall pass. A peace agreement will be drawn up yet again, and I will hopefully obtain yet another seize fire. Fibromyalgia is an ongoing battle but I always manage to eventually get all sides to at least work together…until some symptom decides to crop up and spoil it.

3 Responses to Fibromyalgia Battle

  1. What a great metaphor – war for the pain of Fibromyalgia. It is my shoulders that cause me to rotate every twenty minutes while “sleeping.” Rare is the night that I sleep through undisturbed.

    Writing about it has become very cathartic for me. I hope you continue to do the same.

    Thanks for the visit and the friend add.

  2. Wonderful job! It’s amazing how you captured your pain in this metaphoric way. I wish that all the people I know with Fibromyalgia could read this and find comfort that they are not alone in their battles of the body.
    I hope that you can find some balance and relief very soon. Perhaps with a little help from a RMT 😉

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