Happy New Year – Welcome to 2013

Another year comes to a close and as always I’m primarily thankful for being able to recognize that fact. The Mayan’s had me worried for one whole second but that was only because I wanted to take them more seriously than the followers of cults around the world that keep predicting doomsday. The Mayan’s in my mind hold more credibility since they developed sophisticated language, mathematical, astronomical and architectural structures. The other guys are just reinterpreting pages written by mystery men or making it up as they go along. That one whole second I devoted to the Mayan news was just long enough to realize it was just a cool looking calendar.

I have no plans to write down new year resolutions. Instead, I will step into 2013 the same way I always have with no clue as to what is about to happen. Yes, my strategy is to remain ignorant and then I can’t blame myself or others if something doesn’t work out. That’s the problem with resolutions there is a high probability one will fail and I’m not about to set myself up for that. I prefer just bumbling around as if I have a bucket on my head, at least for the first few weeks.

This coming week I will go back to the gym and I know I will see new faces. These are the faces of women who set resolutions or received a gym membership in their Christmas stocking. Those women always look so tortured; you can see it in their eyes. They are conflicted by thoughts such as “I need to work out, lose weight, get healthy” or “What the heck was I thinking?” or the other thought, “If my husband gives me another membership next year I’m going smash his beloved 70″ flat screen TV!”

For me, the new year is about hopes. Some hopes will be turned into personal action and others will remain hopes because they are out of my control. Here is a taste of some of them:

Hope that my family and friends will see great health and happiness. Hope that my husband and I will take on even more new and wonderful adventures together. Hope that women around this world gain more strength and push beyond the walls of poverty, violence and political apathy towards their needs. Hope that more people become passionate about what they do for a living. Hope that civility returns; with parents at the forefront of instilling manners and compassion in their children. Hope that we will consume less and give more. Hope that we remember we share this earth with lots of other species and they deserve space too. Hope that people look up more from their screens and into the eyes of each other.


(photo provided by freedigitalphoto.net)


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