Heart and Stevie Nicks

Heart and Stevie Nicks…let me share with you the concert in my living room. Here’s how it started:

Laying on my back, staring up at the ceiling in my dimly lit bedroom I knew I was about to add to my nearly 48 hours without proper sleep. I go through cycles where sleep, normally difficult, becomes down right impossible. I’m used to this, the mind won’t shut down.

If I have watched anything prior to sleep that has me questioning the sanity of our world I’m truly doomed. It is for that reason that I don’t watch the news, or shows depicting people I would normally run away from if they opened their mouth. I prefer to watch a light comedy instead, currently running in our DVD player is Frasier…it cracks me up!


However, even Frasier could not override the messages in my head and so I got right back out of bed and popped in Live in Chicago Stevie Nicks. That started to be bring me back to earth, the show got better and better with each song. It was her story telling and her voice that swept me away. Stevie has a natural way of drifting you through a song, her voice is enchanting, her look mesmerizing, her depth translates well even on screen.

I finished that DVD, but still felt I had a ways to go. That is when I brought out the big guns! Heart Alive in Seattle. Now, if you know me well, you know this is my favourite rock band. I have followed this band since the 1970’s. My first album, given to me at Christmas, was Heart – Little Queen. It was particularly helpful during the most challenging time for our family, it was my escape from the immense loss felt by us all. I dove into the songs as if they were the only thing that would wash me clean and set me free.

Last night I immersed myself again into the voices and music. The days, hours, conversations, concerns and plans slowly peeled away. I played a few favourites before finding my body ready to attempt sleep again. When I found my mind drifting to reality, I would drift it back to the music, the women of rock…Stevie, Ann and Nancy.

I don’t know what helps you sleep or takes away the days or weeks thoughts, but for me every once in awhile I have to go to a concert in my living room.

The child in me sat in front of her little blue stereo and shut the world off, she would sing loud when the words cut deep and danced when the mood found her. I can do that too, but I can also just curl up with a blanket in a chair and allow the music to work its magic, a good end to a long day.

Though I have seen Heart many times in concert I have yet to be one of the lucky ones to meet them, its on my bucket list. If I ever met any of those women I would thank them, it would be the least I could do, but I know if they looked into my eyes they would know why.

Think for a moment: What helps take away your day or takes you to a magical place? Enjoy.

Heart – Live in Seattle Barracuda

Stevie Nicks – Landslide

11 Responses to Heart and Stevie Nicks

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. It’s touching, and I can relate to the power this music has over you. I am a longtime Stevie Nicks fan (although I love Heart, also, just not quite as much!). I am still in awe of her songs’ magical ways of weaving me into calmer seas. And just as easily, the next one has me fist pumping and belting out the lyrics with total vindication. She’s a force, that’s for sure.

  2. Ahhhh, Stevie! Nothing touches that certain spot in my heart and puts me in another zone like her music. Thanks for reminding me of the power of those fabulous artists.

  3. There is nothing that touches my heart strings like “I know him so well”, from the musical “Chess”, especially when it is sung by Elaine Page dueting with Barbara Dickenson.
    For me it evokes all those roads and relationships not fully taken or played out in life, all set to wonderful music.

    The words were written by Tim Rice and the music by Benny Andersson, (the second “B” in ABBA.)

    Then there is “LADY IN RED”….oooh!!!

    P.S. I think I know why that Stevie Nicks song might mean so much to you

  4. Vivienne, that is so true that Stevie’s songs evoke a whole new emotion or experience from one moment to the next. I love that creative writing.
    To me, when I listen to her songs I feel like she works from the inside out masterfully!

  5. Lise, it is my pleasure to remind you and everyone of the power of artists and their music. Music…A healing tool for all, a language we all speak. I’m glad you can go to that place that she has created and shared, I could hear that magical release just in your written Ahhh, Stevie!

  6. Glad to hear from another fan, Meagan. For anyone who is interested, Meagan’s blog is snowcoveredhills

    It is funny that I have not met Stevie (or Heart) but have met Lindsey Buckingham. Went to his show in Vancouver. A friend wanted his guitar autographed, we talked to someone afterward and ended up getting autographs and thanking Lindsey for the show. Our friend was soooo happy!

    Thanks Meagan, for commenting. 🙂

  7. Pat – I will have to look up your song. Lady in Red, that is one I recognize.

    See, that is it…what it means to you. One song or a series of songs that allow us to drift off. What we thought, who we were with, what we wished for, celebration and comfort.

    The, “I remember when…” or the reminiscing, is all so powerful.

    To think that we all have a soundtrack to our life. A magical place to go, thanks for sharing your picks!

  8. Thanks so much for all of these comments! I will be exploring the power of music, concerts and favourite artists in the future…great to have some more dialogue on these women and more. I will be attending more concerts as always in living room and in town so stay tuned. If you know anyone with a good blog or link for Stevie or Heart that they want posted on the blogroll let me know.

  9. Thank you Megan: The source is blanked out here so I will write it out for you readers. Go to the website:
    stevie-nicks-news.com, for now and I will try and get it on the site blogroll.

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