Heart inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This month is a special month for fans of the band Heart, as sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are inducted into the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

TALK ABOUT A SUCCESSFUL CAREER! These women have dedicated their lives to rock, producing albums and touring for decades. Around my parts it is difficult to find rock fans that are unfamiliar with Heart, as they spent a lot of time in our great city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Ann moved from the suburbs of Seattle, Washington (around 1971) to live with band mates; she followed rock and roll dreams and romance. Nancy would arrive to join the band in 1974.  They played just about any gig they could get across this country, including high schools, which a friend of mine recalls well. It wasn’t all a bed of roses, as any band that is trying to make a name for itself would know. However, Canada welcomed Heart and to this day the sisters receive a great reception when they grace our stage.

When I first heard Heart on my transistor radio I was hooked. Then a friend of mine’s sister showed off her Dreamboat Annie album and I remember vividly staring at that album wishing it was mine. It wouldn’t be until their Little Queen album came out that I received under the Christmas tree a present… my very own Heart record. I listened to Little Queen on my tiny blue record player for hours, practised my stage presence, memorized every word, tried to hold the notes for as long as Ann did and made up dances with my friend Sara. I have that album now proudly mounted in a frame up on the wall.

Ann and Nancy Wilson pushed past stereotypical references to their gender and concentrated instead on making music that was not only meaningful to their fans but most importantly something they could stand behind. They rode the waves of the industry through the 70’s till now and stand victoriously in the company of great musicians and singers of our time. That is not easy to do when changes to radio killed our exposure to original and diverse creations of music in favour of canned, soulless dribble. It takes effort to push beyond the industry cap on true talent, to create, produce and market anything with quality to discriminating rockers and metalheads.

Heart deserves recognition and have earned their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . They are the epitome of dedication and perseverance, giving everything to their craft. Their music is timeless and I’m sure these sisters will continue to give their legions of fans plenty to clap about as we go Crazy On Heart!

Honoring my favourite bands Heart and Led Zeppelin check out this performance at the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors. This will bring shivers!

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