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This morning a large spider, the largest I have ever seen, thought it was a good idea to hang out in my bathroom sink. Upon going to wash my hands he and I met. It wasn’t a good meeting as I backed slowly out of the room to contemplate how he was going to die.

Now, I’m normally the type of person who attempts to set even flies free if possible, it’s just too hard to watch them continuously bang up against the window seeking their freedom. However, I have a different policy for spiders, if they remain outside the home they live, if they trespass on the inside I invoke a US type state law with the right to bear arms and protect myself and property.

It was clear he was too big to flush down the drain, and he would have survived being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. So, the only option remained the time honored approach of death by shoe. I looked at the available shoes, one size 11 runner…won’t fit in the sink. One nice brown strappy pump…not willing to sacrifice my pretty shoe. There it was – the small flip flop. Cleans off easily and will fit in sink.

I approached my sink cautiously, took a deep breath and then splat! A sound I will not describe in depth let me know I had succeeded. Still too big to wash down I proceeded with a big mound of paper towel and gathered up his lifeless body to be taken to his new burial in the outside garbage can.

My heart pounding, I felt no remorse. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to survive comfortably in our home. My Epipen was upstairs and I was with the enemy on the downstairs, large spider met small shoe and I’m perfectly OK with that outcome.

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  1. Jennifer you said: Now, Iā€™m normally the type of person who attempts to set even flies free if possible,..However, I have a different policy for spiders, if they remain outside the home they live, if they trespass on the inside I invoke a US type state law with the right to bear arms and protect myself and property. too..we share exactly the same perspective here..but you have grown out of the stage I still struggle with..that ‘feeling like a hypocrite’ for killing spiders but not other creatures..hopefully I’ll get over it someday! There is no other way to deal with these intrustions šŸ˜‰

  2. Spiders are our friends. We must attempt to end “spider” discrimination! They provide a truly thankless service to us and our surroundings. They mitigate the incessant buzz of flies, or the nagging tickle of “no-see-ems” and other nasty pest which would otherwise invade our homes and yards. Spiders are the gatekeepers to the home and purge the riff-raff and attempt to maintain the peace and yet all we humans can do when we see one is scream as we run out of the room to fetch the nearest WMD.

    That said, I admit to being freaked out by the appearance of spiders as well when found in the home, and their freakishly swift (and creepy) movement sends shivers up the spine, but in a web they are truly magnificent creatures, the spectacular display and construct of their near invisible sticky death traps invoke awe in the workings of nature. No other such creature exists that can so perfectly adapt to their ever changing environment and so quickly provide a trap for their unaware prey that rivals in appearance any work of architectural art we humans can conjure.

    Spend a moment in your yard and before you destroy that spider and his web, take a look at it. Notice where the “outriggers” go to suspend the octagonal web. You will wonder “how the heck did he go from here to there?” Blow on the Spider and his web or gently wiggle one of those outriggers and see how quickly he moves into a defensive posture or repels out sight to avoid potential attack. Amazing!!Who needs the Discovery Channel when you have a back yard to explore the marvels of nature.

    Be scared, but be thankful. The Spider watches over…YOU!

  3. Yes, Gillean it is OK, get over the guilt you may feel. Come over my way…said the spider to the fly. Hypocrites are welcome in my anti-spiders in the home club.

  4. Dean, I was experiencing a moment of remorse, lasting oh…2 seconds. You provided an amazing perspective on this creature and I too have appreciated the beauty and cleverly designed webs. Thank you for the visuals and yes, in their habitat people should enjoy!

    But, if there is another spider watching over me, he better know…I’m the Terminator with deadly flip flops that are effective and washable.

  5. I learned to be wary of spiders after Five years of living in Australia. There are far too many poisonous critters there for my liking. But here in England there are no such dangers and once again I can admire there industry, tenacity and web designs.
    How lovely it is to see dew drops glistening from the threads of a web, especailly one that has captured some of those darned aphids!

    As for spiders in the house, that often means that it is going to rain or there is a cold winter on its way.
    I try hard not to kill them myself..But to each his own.

    I am thankful too that it was watching a spider that inspired Robert the Bruce to go back and face the English forces again. We can learn a great deal from spiders and the way that they stick to the job until it is finished, despite failures along the way.

  6. Yes, Australia seems to have a few characters I may not want to meet. Creepy little things that would make me scream and run I’m sure.

    I agree, web designs are truly amazing.Yesterday we were out watering the front yard and there were so many beautiful webs. We have many varieties of spiders in our yard, even today I saw a type of spider that I have no seen before.

    Glad to be visiting them in their home, not mine.

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