Losing the Greats of Rock!

We are losing the greats of rock. Glenn Frey of the Eagles passes away at age 67 on January 18, 2016, David Bowie dies at age 69 January 10, 2016 and this past December 2015 it was Ian Kilmister, known as Lemmy by Motörhead fans.

These singers and musicians were part of the most prolific time in music history, the 1970’s, but their success did not end there. Each of these music icons moved through the years and contributed greatly to a body of work that left an imprint on each decade.

Selfishly, I consider that one by one the stars are going out and my sky is changing. I can’t help but wonder how much time I have left to see and hear the performers that bring so much joy to my ears. My connection to my youth is slipping away, my memories are fading and with all of that comes the knowledge that maybe rock is dying too. The question becomes, “How do we keep it alive?”


Rockers know, live and breathe songs. For a music lover, like myself, it feels like I came into the world searching for something audible and someone plugged into an amp and said, “Feel it all.” It is the life’s blood and most of my life was defined by rock moments.

I rocked myself to sleep as a child with my blue transistor radio stuffed under my pillow. I loved placing the needle on my vinyl records and watch that same needle sit between the grooves. When I wanted to hear the song again, I would pick it up and start all over. I was addicted to rock.

I now understand what my mother feels when she looks for a familiar face, hears a singer’s name mentioned in the news or shares a moment when she first heard their song. She says, “All the greats are gone.” For her that is likely true and for me, it is becoming so.

In memory of Glenn Frey Eagles members and family provided a beautiful tribute.


When I think of the band Eagles I have so many songs in my head and it would be hard to choose any particular song as the favourite. Even David Bowie has always mesmerized me by the hundreds of songs he wrote – some of which made radio play and many others that didn’t.

The Glenn Frey’s, David Bowie’s, Lemmy’s and others like they are reminders that talent is a magical combination of all the stars aligning and collective consciousness willing them forward. Their success was once, but a dream and I’m pretty sure none could have foreseen how many in this world would embrace them. So, for all the 70’s rockers out there…. be thankful we grew up when we did.

We grew up in a time when people wrote the best music and lyrics. When DJ’s actually listened to an album and brought to us songs that assumed we were capable of appreciating their complexity and creativity. This was a time when radio music libraries were full of vinyl and fun. Though some of the brightest amongst us are physically leaving now let’s take solace in knowing we can always turn up the volume and hear them one more time.

Here’s my quote for us old rockers:

Old rockers never die they just wait until the chorus comes around and then join in again.


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