My Last Blog Post

My Last Blog Post

It is a sunny but cold Sunday. The snow is still clinging to the roofs and blanketing the ground. Little buds that were emerging have been reminded it’s not spring yet but their time will come. It seemed like the perfect day to say goodbye to my website.

If I was to listen to what I preach to others then I would hear, “It’s not all about where you’ve been, it’s about where you want to go.” I could continue an archeological dig that would reveal what has gone into building my business and this blog but what’s the point? I would simply be trying to talk myself into staying the course but really it’s time to let new opportunities emerge.

My carefully crafted professional identity has switched between comforting and smothering over time. All of us can rationalize and say, “This is as who I am and what I do, so why change? It’s only going to complicate things.” The complication has existed anyway by virtue of the many hours I’ve spent feeling like there is something new on the horizon and it’s time to spread my wings.

Inside me is a yearning to break free. In the moments when I allow myself to venture beyond my safe, conventional thinking I see another woman in the picture. This woman looks like me but healthier. She is still writing but on a fresh page with creative juices flowing. She is learning new things and is immersed in fun activities. Her work with women in transition and support for humanity, family and friends remains.

As for my Esteem Rising ®  blog, over the course of the last couple of weeks I’ve tried to save as many of my blog posts as possible – that weren’t already on file. I was surprised to learn that I had written almost 800 blog posts! (Not all grammatically correct but posted) My more passionate reflections, rants, interviews with interesting people and commentary about Human Trafficking were the first to find security on a memory stick.

What I noticed over time was a distinct difference in frequency and enthusiasm with my writing.  My blog was not entirely Sparking Joy.  If I apply the Marie Kondo philosophy to my website (and work) I need to tidy things up. I will begin to assess what is valuable. What doesn’t spark joy will be acknowledged for its service and thankfully let go.

I have people to thank, including you readers for helping this website and blog to develop. Some very special people who come to mind are:

Jill, who told me to find my voice and not be afraid to write with authenticity.

Lise, Pat, Mar and Dean who read my blog from the beginning and along with so many others contributed their personal opinion on site and via email.

Ray, my “Web Guy”, who patiently and professionally answered so many odd tech questions from me while changing and maintaining

So, I would like to think that after tidying up you may just see Esteem Rising ® with a fresh new look and a renewed sense of purpose!

Continued success is wholeheartedly wished for you all!


2 Responses to My Last Blog Post

  1. I think many of us have enjoyed and shared your journey. Like you, time and experiences have shaped and moulded both our minds and bodies. The most difficult task of us all is to be accept the reflection that greets us when we look in the mirror, as well as adapting to the inevitable changes in the external world.
    Take time to recharge your batteries, my friend. I will look forward to your return and hearing your thoughts on life, when you are ready

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